Give a Virtual Tip

After you enjoy a meal or drink at home, send money directly to a service industry professional who has been financially affected by coronavirus.

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Situation: Restaurants and bars have temporarily closed dine-in operations, leaving thousands of Charlotte service industry workers without a job and in need of financial assistance.

How it works: Press the “Meet Your Server” button and our database will randomly generate the profile of a local service industry professional in need of financial assistance. You can then give directly via Venmo.

Service Industry: If you’re a server, bartender, line cook, dishwasher, or other service industry professional who’s been laid off or otherwise financially affected by the coronavirus shutdown, submit your information here. You’ll be added to our database so fellow Charlotteans can give directly to you.

Share: If you’re willing, please share this site with our city using #tipCLT.

Legal stuff: Be honest. Charlotte Agenda assumes no liability. We're just trying to connect those willing to give, with those in need. Note that due to high volume, we can't individually vet each person in the database. We're asking all participants to be honest.

Hat tip: Thank you to Agenda reader named Brian Reed, who sent us this site developed in Chattanooga which served as inspiration.