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The world knows Chynna Deese because of how she died. Now her family wants to make sure we remember how she lived.

At 10:56 a.m. on July 6, one week to the day before their last communication, Chynna Deese’s phone lit up with a familiar message from her mother. “I’m...

Greg Jackson’s Reagan Drive Initiative tackles tough issues at a forgotten interchange on I-85

On April 25, Patrick walks into the 7-Eleven like he usually does—stoned, strung out, and smiling. “Nope,” the owner, James Phillips, tells him. Since...

In the shadows of the boom, one man is determined not to let a teenager’s felony charge define him

The teenager stares down at the electronic bracelet around his right ankle. Through the apartment’s sliding screen door, he can hear the light rail train making its 7:22 p.m. stop at Tom Hunter station. It’s a new sound in this part of north Charlotte, a signal that people are going somewhere.