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Looking for event attendees? We know some people. Event listings cost $300 and are featured in our newsletter and Event Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in an event post?

Your event will be featured on our Event Board (20,000+ total views per month) until your event passes and in The Classifieds section of one of our weekday newsletters (45,000+ total subscribers). Not subscribed? See today’s newsletter here and subscribe here.

When you submit an event, it will automatically be considered for any applicable editorial coverage like our Weekender or Weekday Planner.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes. Once your event posts, you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt and a screenshot of your event spot as well as your scheduled promotion date (subject to change).

How long does it take for my event to be on the Event Board after I submit?

Please allow 1-2 business days from time of submission.

Can I purchase additional newsletter placements?

Yes. Contact Alivia McAtee ( for information on how to purchase extra newsletter placements. If you would like to purchase more than 3 placements at a time, Alivia can give you details on our bundle pricing.

Can I make edits to my event post after I submit?

Yes. You can respond directly to the confirmation email or contact Alivia McAtee ( for any changes.

What images are best to use?

All images will be cropped to fit our formatting so it’s best to submit images that are horizontal. Please note that images with text on them will not be accepted. Event logos should ideally be square and can be your company/organization logo or event-specific.

Can I get simple statistics on how my event performed?

Yes. Email Alivia McAtee ( for a simple report on how your event performed.

Posting several events? Buy a featured event pack.

Does the Agenda offer discounts for multiple event postings?

Yes, you can buy an event pack in which you post four events for the price of three (25% discount). Contact Alivia McAtee ( for more information.

Need custom solutions?

If you have over 20 events you'd like to post over the course of the year or other venue/event marketing needs, we can create custom solutions for you. Contact Lizzy Sirkin ( for more information.

Looking for more exposure for your event?

Need to promote your event more than once?

We offer event posters the opportunity to run their listing four times in the newsletter for $900. Contact Alivia McAtee ( for more information.

Organizing a big event that needs an equally big push?

If you're throwing a large event with a marketing budget of over $10,000, we offer custom solutions to make sure people know about it and take action. Contact Lizzy Sirkin ( for more information.

Event posting testimonials

Dilworth Home Tour

"For the first time in our 45 years, the Dilworth Home Tour SOLD OUT! According to our exit survey, Charlotte Agenda helped us exceed our expectations and reach beyond our veteran tour guests. The Dilworth Home Tour committee and Dilworth Community Association are very grateful for your support and promotion of our event. We are beyond pleased that we will be able to present a substantial donation to the Dilworth Soup Kitchen this year!"

- Valerie Preston, Dilworth Home Tour

12th Annual CharloWEEN Bar Crawl

"I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the features and mentions for our bar crawl last night. The ad worked great for us with Charlotte Agenda and generated over 2x return on our spend!"

- Hunter Wilson, 12th Annual CharloWEEN Bar Crawl


"I highly recommend submitting community events on Charlotte Agenda’s event board. Charlotte Agenda has an excellent reach in the Charlotte market and I am always confident the ads will be a great return on my investment. The event board is easy to navigate which makes the process very simple. The event goes live very quickly after submitting it which is a great perk!"

- Samantha Pagnatta, Experience Manager at Metropolitan

Your event post will be reviewed by our team and live on our site within 1-2 business days. You will receive a confirmation email that includes your receipt as soon as it processes.