Purchase a Job Bundle

Are you a fast-growing company? Our Job Bundles are designed to help you find the best talent as you grow.

A Job Bundle is a package of 4 Job Listings at a 25% discount. Each listing is live for 60 days on the Job Board and includes placement in our weekday newsletter, Sunday Business newsletter, and Who's Hiring? story. Plus, your company will have a “fast-growing” badge on all listings.

Frequently asked questions

How do I post a job once I've purchased my bundle?

Bundle listings can be submitted here.

Do I have to use all my listings at once?

No, you can submit your listings whenever you’d like here. They do not expire.

Can I receive an invoice instead of paying with a credit card?

Yes. Contact Alivia McAtee (alivia@charlotteagenda.com) for an invoice.

I'm hiring like crazy. What are my options?

If you're in need of more than 4 listings, shoot a note to Alivia McAtee (alivia@charlotteagenda.com). She can set you up with a custom amount of 4+ listings that will still receive a 25% discount.

Looking for employer branding solutions? Email Lizzy Sirkin (lizzy@charlotteagenda.com), Chief Revenue Officer at the Agenda, to learn about custom solutions.

Where will my job be featured?

Your job will be featured on our Job Board (100,000+ total views per month), in The Classifieds section of one of our weekday newsletters, in a Sunday Business newsletter (50,000+ total subscribers), and in one of our weekly Who's Hiring? stories (2,500+ pageviews).

Not subscribed? See today’s newsletter here and subscribe here.

Will my listings be promoted on the Agenda's social media?

We guarantee your Job Listings will be featured on our Job Board, in The Classifieds section of one of our weekday newsletters, in a Sunday Business newsletter, and in one of our weekly Who's Hiring? stories. No social media promotions are included when you post a listing with us.

How long will it take for my jobs to be on the Job Board after I submit?

Once submitted, allow 1-2 business days to process. Our team reviews each listing before it goes live to maintain Job Board quality.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes. After you purchase your bundle, you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt the next business day. When you post a job, you'll receive an email with a direct link to your Job Listing.

How long will my jobs be on the Job Board?

Jobs are live on the board for 60 days. If you would like to extend your listing beyond the 60 days, you can contact Alivia McAtee (alivia@charlotteagenda.com) for details on how to do so.

What kinds of things should I include in the job description?

The best Job Listings have a description of your company, a blurb about your company culture, and a clear list of responsibilities and qualifications. Other points that help a Job Listing perform better are information about compensation and benefits.

Can I link my Job Listings out to another site?

Yes. In the submission form under “How to Apply”, you can provide the link for candidates to apply through your site.

What do I do if my jobs get filled before they expire?

Email Alivia McAtee (alivia@charlotteagenda.com) for your listing to be taken down.

Can I make edits to my Job Listing after I submit?

Yes. You can respond directly to the confirmation email or contact Alivia McAtee (alivia@charlotteagenda.com) for any changes.

Will I get any data on my listing's performance?

Yes. We'll provide a simple report on how your Job Listing performed around 45 days after it's been published.