Share your viewpoint with the city of Charlotte


Here’s how to submit a story to the Charlotte Agenda.

We accept submissions from Charlotteans who have something to share. Publishing on the Charlotte Agenda gets you in front of our audience of 400,000 young, smart social Charlotteans.

Here’s how to get started: First, read our terms of use. Submit a story via email to Send it via a Word doc and attach photos separately — the more photos the better (large files sizes, we can always make smaller).

Each submission is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We do not pay for submissions and you retain the rights to everything you submit. We will be in touch within a few days if we’re able to publish.

Main two guidelines for story submissions:

  • Word count. All submissions must be under 450 words.
  • First person. Use “I” in the story. Writing in the first person allows you to better connect with the audience.

Here are some of the most common questions we get:

(1) What are some submission examples?

(2) How does the Agenda evaluate a submission?

We ask two main questions in evaluating submissions:

  • Does the story give the reader an advantage and make them smarter about Charlotte?
  • Does the story emotionally connect with a reader and will they be likely to talk about it?

Our advice is to read our site and get a feel for the type of stories we love and the voice in which those stories are told.

(3) What are you looking for?

  • Originality. If you can find it other places on the internet, we’re not interested.
  • Accuracy. Get the facts right. Also, we love primary quotes from individuals in your story.
  • Firsthand experiences. What have you experienced that Charlotte should know about?
  • Opinions. Make a case for your argument.
  • News you can use. We love stories that help people make smarter local decisions.
  • Expertise. Do you have deep knowledge on a subject? Love this.
  • Photos. Humans love photos. Make sure to include photos as attachments in your submission email. The bigger the files, the better (we can always make them smaller).

(4) What are we NOT looking for?

  • Non-Charlotte stories. We only cover Charlotte. 100%. If it’s a national story without a strong local angle, we’re not interested.
  • Sports analysis. We’re not the home for this. That said, we do accept sports culture stories.
  • Press releases or promotional stories. Not the place for this.

(5) Will you edit my story?

Yes. The most common edits are shortening, breaking up paragraphs and editing the headline. We reserve the right to make light edits.

We’re very thankful for your interest. We can’t wait to get you published! If you have any questions, email Ted Williams –