We’re the secret weapon of Charlotte growth companies.

“I am a believer in the Charlotte Agenda and your team’s vision, so this is an easy choice for us. Thanks for making that so. Your honesty and transparency is refreshing and sorely missing in our business.” – Blair Primis, VP of Marketing at OrthoCarolina (partner since 2015)


TL;DR Version

The Agenda’s audience is large, young, smart and social. We painstakingly create ad products from scratch and we want to partner with Charlotte brand marketers who “get it.” But, we’re not cheap. Interested? Contact our Founder, Ted – ted(at)charlotteagenda.com. Sure, he may look like an idiot in his Nike sneakers, but he knows the digital ad/tech world.


Why We Exist

Charlotte Agenda exists to make Charlotte the smartest, most human city in the world.

Our Advertising Philosophy

We love local advertising. Unlike others, we don’t view advertising as a necessary evil that pays for other stuff – we love it. Why? People want to hear from local business. Our goal is to create advertising so remarkable that our audience would be angry if it went away.

What We’re Not

  • We’re not a lead generation tool. If you don’t care about brand marketing and just need leads (which honestly should be the majority of your budget), we recommend buying search engine marketing. It works.
  • We’re not cheap. In terms of sponsorships, we’re relatively expensive and require a minimum commitment of 6 months. This allows us to work deeper with local brand marketers. If you want cheap, go buy Facebook ads (low CPM) or Google Display Network ads. Both are great tools for cheap impressions.
  • We’re not a high volume operation. We always want to have fewer than 25 brand partners – this allows us to go deeper with fewer brands.

What We Are: Local Brand Advertising At Scale

Charlotte Agenda is home to young, intelligent tastemakers who care as much about the local brands they support as the local news that they consume.

Charlotte Agenda Clients

We’re proud to work with Charlotte’s top brand marketers.


Charlotte Agenda Overview & Audience Snapshot

What we do

We publish 5-10 stories a day on a website, send a handcrafted newsletter each morning at 6:30 a.m. and do original reporting straight to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

How large are we?

  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 375,000+
  • Monthly Pageviews: 1,300,000+
  • Daily Newsletter Subscribers: 28,000+ (50% open rate)
  • Instagram Following: 78,000+
  • Organic Facebook Reach: 1,000,000+

Note: We’re proud of our numbers because unlike other local media companies, we don’t publish national stories (AP, Wire, etc) and we don’t do gimmicky slideshows to juice pageviews (Mug Shots, Party Pics, etc). We also have large, growing followings on Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

What type of person reads the Charlotte Agenda?

We’re the news source for young, intelligent tastemakers who care as much about the local brands they support as the local news that they consume.

  • Young: 75% of our audience is 18-44.
  • Social: 87% of our audience is on Facebook, 74% is on Instagram, 44% is on Twitter and 36% is on Snapchat.
  • Smart: 94%+ are college graduates and a shocking 35% have graduate degrees (doesn’t count those that are pursuing degrees).
  • Explorers. 61% eat out 7 or more times a month.
  • Professionals. 45% have a household income of between $75,000 and $100,000. 20% have a household income of over $200,000.
  • Balanced. 56% female and 44% male.

2017 Ad Products

Brand Partnerships – Now accepting inquiries for 2018

Custom brand partnerships. Current partners include: OrthoCarolina, Bojangles’, Bank of America, Allen Tate, Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery, Piedmont Social House, UNC Charlotte, Carolinas HealthCare System, Queen City Audio Video & Appliances, Lowe’s, TABOR, Lucky Dog Bark and Brew, Ruth’s Chris, Charlotte Country Day School, Red Ventures, Uber, AccruePartners, Windsor Jewelers, STAX, Skookum, Trinity Partners, University City Partners, Hux, Discovery Place, Lineberger Dentistry, Charlotte Center City, Blumenthal Performing Arts and Lineberger Orthodontics. Contact ted@charlotteagenda.com to learn more.

Custom Campaigns

Activate our audience with a combination of custom content, social influencer marketing, giveaways, exclusive events, paid social and more. Custom Campaigns are one-month flights. Recent clients include Charlotte Ballet, CATS, Fabletics, CorePower Yoga and WeWork. Contact ted@charlotteagenda.com to learn more.

Job PostingsView HereBuy Here

Charlotte growth companies use the Agenda Job Board to recruit the best minds in our city. Postings are featured in our daily morning newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and throughout the site. Postings are live for 60 days. Contact abby@charlotteagenda.com to learn more.

Featured Events – View HereBuy Here
$300/event posting

Event postings are promoted throughout our site, in our newsletter and on our social channels. Posts are live for 7 days. Contact abby@charlotteagenda.com to learn more.

Homes/ApartmentsView Here | Buy Here

Home and apartment postings are promoted throughout our site, in our newsletter and on our social channels. Posts are live for 14 days. Contact abby@charlotteagenda.com to learn more.

Literally, who from the Charlotte Agenda will I interface with?

Cristina Wilson (Chief Operating Officer), Ted Williams (Founder & Publisher), and Lizzy Sirkin (Director of Accounts).

Cristina knows the creative world from her experience as the editor of Carolina Bride,  founder of podcast The Morning Stir and freelance work with Thrillist.com.

Ted knows the ad/tech media world from his experience at Health Central Network (acquired by IAC), Lending Tree, BooneOakley, InternshipKing (acquired by LookSharp) and The Charlotte Observer.

For job, event and home listings, contact Abby Clark – abby@charlotteagenda.com.
For custom campaigns and brand partnerships, contact Ted – ted@charlotteagenda.com