Honest business advice from 8 of Charlotte’s top entrepreneurs

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Presented by WeWork

Next week, Charlotte joins the ranks of San Francisco, New York and even Hong Kong. Yep, we’re getting our first WeWork location.

The coworking space is nestled in Uptown and it’s not only aesthetically stunning, it also comes with all the perks that have come to be associated with WeWork. (Psst, get to know more about WeWork here).

WeWork’s Culver City coworking location

To celebrate the grand opening, we rounded up some sage wisdom from some of the city’s savviest entrepreneurs.

Advice for those just starting out:

“Be resourceful. Sometimes you may look for advice outside of your own industry.”
– Chef Alyssa, Founder of Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen

“Get to a minimal viable product as soon as possible so that you can put your idea in front of customers. You may think you have a great idea based on research, surveys and writing a business plan, but there’s only so far you can go until you get the concept out of your head and into the world.”
– Haley Bohon, Founder of SkillPop

“Everyone wants that final, gorgeous, put-together Instagram photo with thousands of likes, but they don’t want to do everything it takes to get there. Realize that behind those photos are late nights, early mornings, and a lot of sacrifices.”
– Megan Orrell, Owner of Boem, Blogger

“You need to go ALL in. There is no half in half out. If you truly believe in the idea, you will make the commitment to go all in on that. You must be passionate about it. 2ULaundry would not be where it is today if it weren’t for Alex and I quitting our jobs, setting expectations, and going all in to solve a problem.”
– Dan Daquisto, Co-Founder of 2ULaundry

“Reach out to peers and people who inspire you and take them to coffee (you need to buy) and ask them what their story is about! You will learn so much and truly create a community that may be with you for the long haul.”
– Sarah Baucom, Co-Founder of Girl Tribe Co.

On continuing your momentum:

“Continuing momentum is tricky because entrepreneurship isn’t linear. There will be ebbs and flows throughout your journey and sometimes you’re going to feel like you’re in a rut, even if you’re not. I make sure that I do at LEAST one thing every single day that will drive my business forward.”
– Scott Wooten, Co-Founder of 704 Shop

“Keep building. Stay in discomfort. When you stand still, you fail. I keep working and hustling and moving forward because otherwise I’ll lose (passion, clients, momentum, creativity, money, etc.).”
– Corri Smith, Founder of Black Wednesday Social Co., Brains behind #InstaBeerUpCLT

On dealing with obstacles:

“The truth is, the longer you’re at it, the more you get desensitized to it. You learn to roll with the punches. It’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’ as far as setbacks and obstacles go, so over time I think you start to realize it’s all part of the game and you just keep going.”
– Megan Orrell, Owner of Boem, Blogger

“Take a breath. This will happen a lot! Problem solve as best as you can and always consider the big picture.”
– Chef Alyssa, Founder of Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen

The most helpful resources:

“The most useful and local resource are the other entrepreneurs in Charlotte. Most of them are super humble and happy to answer questions or help however they can.”
– Scott Wooten, Co-Founder of 704 Shop

“In the beginning, I enjoyed working at a coworking space, which served as an affordable and supportive place where I developed a lot of great relationships and inspiration.”
– Corri Smith, Founder of Black Wednesday Social Co., Brains behind #InstaBeerUpCLT

“Some of the best things I’ve ever done at Tech Talent South are develop a strong group of established mentors (folks that have been there and done that), assemble a select group of peer advisors (folks of startups at similar stages and currently going through the same shenanigans you are), and pay it forward to newbie entrepreneurs, who are just starting out.”
– Betsy Hauser Idilbi, Founder & CEO of Tech Talent South

“Surround yourselves with badass people within the community. From establishing an advisory board, to meeting with other entrepreneurs, to getting feedback from anyone/everyone on your business in general. Charlotte has a lot of local successes and it’s a small community. We need to come together to help build out our ecosystem.”
– Dan Daquisto, Co-Founder of 2ULaundry

It won’t be long until WeWork Stonewall Station is filled with its own go-getters.

Want to be one of them? Schedule a tour today.

(This content was co-created with WeWork.)

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