This six-year-old coffee roasting business will soon open a coffee house in South End

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You might not know it, but the Climb’s Roast Coffee small-batch coffee roasting operation has been in business for about six years in South End. Soon, their coffee house will be open to the public.

Climb’s Roast Coffee is operated by The Climb, Inc., a nonprofit run by local pastor Chip Furr and his wife, Cheery.

The soft opening for the coffee house is planned for September 15 at 1515 South Mint Street.

Chip plans to fire up “Abraham,” a portable grill, and “Joy,” a food truck, to prepare waffles, smoked pastrami and nitro cold brew coffee.

All food and drinks will be free, but donations to The Climb will be welcomed.

Climb’s Roast is not your average Joe coffee shop. Instead of operating as a profitable business, the Furrs use coffee as a way to help others.

Their interest in coffee roasting began more than six years ago, when they grew weary of asking people for money to fund their mission work.

The Furrs cashed out their 401(k) and found the best coffee roasting school in the country — in Sonoma, California. When they returned, a member of The Climb’s board of directors offered to let them use the space on South Mint Street for free, and in February 2011, they put their new coffee roasting skills to the test.

Their coffee beans are fair trade and organically grown, and the roasting is done in-house. From there, the beans are packaged to be sold at a wholesale price, or ground and packed into K-cups.

Because it’s a nonprofit, Climb’s Roast coffee beans are sold wholesale and all food or drink items are donation-only. All net profits are used to help end human trafficking.

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