You can now pay $99 a month to have a robot cut your grass

You can now pay $99 a month to have a robot cut your grass
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A Charlotte lawn care veteran has made a big bet on robots.

Nick Sagnella spent years building a business that primarily sodded Charlotte yards. He’s now sold it and launched HomeVP, a company that will cover all the bases for your lawn care needs: mowing, trimming, fertilization, disease and pest control, weeding, pruning, etc.

What makes them stand out from the rest? They use a robot to mow your lawn.

It’s basically like a Roomba.

When you sign up for one of their monthly packages, you receive a Robomow that you hang on to in your garage. It weighs about 50 pounds and is pretty quiet — it’s about as loud as a box fan.

It’s programmed to mow your lawn twice a week, with each mow taking about 6 hours total. Robomow covers random patterns of mowing within the perimeter of your yard.

The close-cut grass on the right side is the lawn being cared for by HomeVP and a Robomow

Nick Sagnella, founder of HomeVP, adjusts the Robomow accordingly

Prices start at $99 per month for just lawn mowing.

Then there are a bunch of other packages ranging from $139/month to $209/month that include extra services like leaf removal, fertilization, aeration, seeding, etc.

Although having a robot mow your lawn sounds neat, is it really the best bang for your buck?

It depends on how often you like to have your lawn mowed.

If you’re more the “I’ll mow my lawn every couple weeks or whenever” type of person, you’d be better off paying a human to mow your lawn for around $35-$45 per service if you’re only using the service twice a month.

Not to mention, you could probably just get a teenager to mow your lawn for $20 every week if you’re willing to sacrifice using a professional lawn care service. Quotes from other professional lawn care providers are below:

This is the quote LawnStarter gave us

This quote is from TaskEasy

On the other hand, if having the best-cut grass on the block is your obsession, you’ll save a bit of cash by getting a Robomow to cut your grass bi-weekly for $99 a month versus getting a human to mow your lawn bi-weekly, in which case you’ll end up paying upwards of $300 a month.

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