Meet Trade and Lore, the new coffee shop inside a brewery now open in NoDa

Meet Trade and Lore, the new coffee shop inside a brewery now open in NoDa
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NoDa welcomed a new craft coffee shop earlier this month and it might just be my new favorite hangout.

Trade and Lore opened in early June above Salud Beer Shop on N. Davidson Street in Salud’s new expanded brewery space.

The concept comes from Lindsey Pitman, who formerly ran The Daily Press pop-up cafe at The Evening Muse and is also a partner in the highly anticipated forthcoming Hyde Brewing / Suffolk Punch project.

After closing The Daily Press in February last year, Pitman and her business partner Sarah Winkler opened their flagship Trade and Lore location in downtown Asheville. Earlier this month, the brand came home to Charlotte, just around the corner from the old Daily Press location.

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Trade and Lore Charlotte is gorgeous and thoughtfully executed — from the responsibly sourced ingredients to the artfully crafted drinks.

But it isn’t a standalone experience. To understand this unique cafe, you have to understand their partners, the Salud family of beer and food businesses that anchor its home base.

3306 N. Davidson street is home to four different but seamlessly connected businesses.

Here, you’ll find Salud Beer Shop, FūD at Salud, Salud Cervecería and Trade and Lore.

To the uninitiated, it can be a bit confusing so let’s break it down.


Salud Beer Shop — Cozy bottle shop featuring craft beers from all over the world

FūD at Salud — Casual food counter best known for its wafflewiches


Salud Cervecería — Salud’s new in-house craft brewery

Trade and Lore — Craft coffee counter sharing space at Salud Cervecería’s bar

Since all four businesses kind of flow together, you could settle in to one location for several hours and transition from coffee to beer to a full meal.

Trade and Lore operates out of the upstairs bar space at Salud Cervecería from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m weekdays and 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. weekends.

In addition to its own specialty coffee menu, they also serve the brewery’s beers on tap and FūD at Salud’s full menu is available upstairs during its operating hours.

FūD at Salud’s menu is available here.

Trade and Lore’s menu features drinks you won’t find at most other coffee shops.

They’re handcrafting pistachio and rosewater simple syrups over here so don’t come looking for a skinny caramel frappuccino.

In addition to espresso, draft coffee/tea and filter coffee, they have a rotating menu of complex signature beverages.

The Prunus Persica ($5) is a summer-appropriate iced drink with draft Ethiopian coffee, black tea seltzer and a house-made peach and spice simple syrup.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can ask for a $6 Free Style and the barista will whip up a surprise beverage with ingredients not yet on the menu.

I did this and ended up with a bourbon-infused honey butterbeer shaken latte. Fantastic.

Prunus Persica and a draft tea

Free Style bourbon-infused honey butterbeer shaken latte

The multi-purpose upstairs area is not only home to the brewery and coffee shop but also has a small stage for live performances and a mini art gallery.

The space features counter seating, couches, cozy little window nooks and some larger booths for communal hangouts, as well as a cool shuffleboard table.

During the day, it has a chill coffeehouse vibe and is very conducive to an office-away-from-office work session.

Trade and Lore is open daily 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. FūD at Salud, Salud Beer Shop and Salud Cervecería all operate Monday through Thursday noon to 10 p.m., Friday noon to midnight, Saturday 11 a.m. to midnight and Sunday noon to 7 p.m.

You’ll find them all at 3306 N. Davidson Street.

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