We gave CreativeMornings’ Matt Olin a TABOR wardrobe “tune up”

We gave CreativeMornings’ Matt Olin a TABOR wardrobe “tune up”
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Father’s Day is coming up (yeah, it’s next weekend, people). To celebrate, we took nominations for a great Charlotte dad in need of a style upgrade to get a “TABOR tune up.” We got more than 35 amazing, heartfelt nominations, but when Sarah Olin sent in this plea for help, the TABOR team knew they had to step in:

“Please help my husband and an AMAZING dad!!

My husband, Matt Olin is the host of CreativeMornings and man about town — and his sense of fashion leaves something to be desired. Please find evidence of my pain attached. This is a picture of Matt in PUBLIC wearing a ‘Bob Ross painting a supernova’ t-shirt. He is quite attractive — but needs an intervention with his uniform of quirky t-shirt and sport coat.”

TABOR to the rescue, Sarah.

Scott Newkirk from the TABOR team led the styling effort, and tried to figure out first thing which pieces would have the greatest impact on Matt’s wardrobe, whether he was up on stage hosting CreativeMornings or out and about on a Saturday.

Scott from the TABOR team starts pulling pieces for Matt’s laid-back, creative vibe.

“They’re so interchangeable,” Matt said of his work/life personas. “It’s sort of an ideology for Sarah and me, too. We want to be loving everything we do so much that it all blends together – work, family, leisure…”

The result? Three looks that are super easy to mix-and-match and made Matt feel like a more confident — and still comfortable — version of himself.

When he walked out of the dressing room and said, “Wow,” we knew we were on the right track.

Weekend Matt

Date Night Matt

CreativeMornings Matt

Love the new looks, Matt.

All the nominations were so sweet (our office wasn’t crying at all… promise…) that the TABOR team decided to help two additional dads with a look, too! Here are new threads for Taylor Mathis and Nathan Trares, both dads who are exceptionally devoted to their young children.

Nathan, Before

Nathan, After

Taylor, Before

Taylor, After

It’s amazing what clothes that fit well can do, as all three gents agreed.

Still need something for Father’s Day?

Whether you’re gifting a whole new look, classic pieces, or just some fun “Dad” accessories to celebrate the day, stop in the TABOR bungalow on Providence Road this weekend. They’ll hook you up.

Photos by Christina Hussey

(Note: This content was co-created with TABOR.)

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