I used a ‘Closet Editor’ and now I’m hooked

I used a ‘Closet Editor’ and now I’m hooked
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Cathy Monte and Kristen Garnett want to get in your closet.

Together they run a company called edit + style which focuses on “shopping your closet” rather than buying new. If you’re anything like me, you’ve never heard of closet editors.

This is how they explained it to me: “We aren’t stylists. We’re not going to tell you how to dress, we’re going to help you take what you have, elevate it and stay true to yourself. The goal is we want you to feel confident.”

I, for one, love feeling confident so I made an appointment with Cathy and Kristen right away. But then I realized the downside of inviting two strangers into my closet: two strangers were going to be in my closet.

Before I allowed Cathy and Kristen into the depths of hell (aka my closet) I asked them a few questions.

First and foremost, how did you even know closet editing was a thing?

It turns out Cathy realized she had a knack for this when one of her friends needed an outfit for a class reunion. Cathy went into her closet and helped her figure out how to wear things she already owned. Her friend referred her to other friends and edit + style was born. Kristen joined her last year and now they work as a closet editing team.

Who are edit + style’s clients?

Their clients are mostly women (no surprise) and they’ve helped people find outfits for events, traveling and even helped transition closets for new moms, moms going back to work and young professionals.

Oh, and when they say they help find outfits for traveling, this means that they will literally pack for you. Like they look at the weather forecast for where you’re going and choose your clothes. I never knew a service like this existed.

So how does the “closet editing” process work? Here’s my experience:

First, I filled out a questionnaire about the brands I like, don’t like, and my overall style. Then, a few days later, Cathy and Kristen came to my house and wasted no time getting all up in my closet.

I learned that the majority of clients are not home while they work—the team just edits your closet and locks up. I’m super nosey and had nowhere fun to go so Esther and I hung out and snooped on them. 

Fun side note: I asked the girls if they’d ever found anything weird in someone’s closet. While they didn’t find any fun paraphernalia, they did have a time when a client’s cat started attacking a fur vest like it was an animal.

Esther didn’t attack anything but she did keep doing a weird “butt-up” dance which I’m sure really impressed the editors.

Once Esther and I finally left them alone, Cathy and Kristen were able to focus on figuring out outfits for my upcoming trip (Iceland!) and some more laid back outfits for general Charlotte drinking activities.

It only took an hour and they were done.

Cathy and Kristen got me all packed and then sent me a full look book of every outfit they created a few days later. They even included links to new budget-friendly accessories that they think would look great with my existing wardrobe.

Want to try closet editing instead of buying all new clothes? edit + style prices range from $150 to $1,500. Here’s some of their packages:

Getaway Packing Package: They literally pack your bag (includes a travel-friendly version of the look book) for $200

Seasonal Edit: 12 to 15 outfits for $300

Closet Overhaul: 25 to 30 outfits for $550

Annual Membership: A Getaway Packing Package, Seasonal Edit and Closet Overhaul for $1,500

Now that I’m all ready for my trip, I can take some more advice that Cathy and Kristen gave me, “Dress as though you have a purpose to your day.”

And today? My purpose is to nap and eat chips, hence the sports bra and XXL sweatpants.

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