Midwood Smokehouse opens tomorrow in the Backlot of Park Road Shopping Center. I’m going to get the meat sweats, often.

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I live within walking distance of the new Midwood Smokehouse that opens tomorrow (Thursday) in the Backlot of Park Road Shopping Center — so it’s safe to say that I’m really freaking excited to frequently stuff my face with Brisket Queso, Brisket Pimento Cheese Fries, the Brisket Plate with Mac & Cheese and Collards and when I’m feeling healthy, the Midwood Chopped Salad.

Note: Midwood is still waiting on ABC Permits to come through. It’s likely that they’ll open tomorrow, bit not 100%.

SO. MUCH. MEAT. I can’t wait to get the meat sweats.


Midwood’s small queso with meat runs $6. Your meat options are chopped pork or shredded beef brisket.

This new Park Road Shopping Center restaurant is Midwood Smokehouse’s fourth location. The others are in Plaza Midwood, Ballantyne and Columbia.


The restaurant is located next to CorePower Yoga in the back of the Backlot at Park Road Shopping Center (drive straight back). Excellent patio too.

The restaurant is roughly 4,500 square feet with a private dining room named “The Fishbowl” because of the glass wall, two areas of seating and a bar with eight seats.


Hanging on the walls, you’ll find BBQ related memorabilia, posters and stories from Eater, Business Insider and Our State (I’m upset that no Agenda stories are hung on the wall and contemplating a boycott). In a recent Agenda reader survey, Midwood Smokehouse proved to be the clear #1 BBQ joint in Charlotte.


These two center, round booths will make you feel like you’re getting bottle service at the club (except you’re getting meat service at a BBQ spot).

Midwood Owner Frank Scibelli (left) also runs Mama Ricotta’s, YAFO and Paco’s Tacos & Tequilla. Additionally, Frank was the proprietor of Bad Daddy’s which about two years ago had a nice $21 million exit

Eat up! Happy meat sweating to all!


If you’re a Midwood first-timer, go with the Brisket or Pork Plates. If you’re looking to mix it up, this is the BBQ Chicken Plate and the Midwood Chopped Salad.


If you save room, which you won’t, order the Pecan Cobbler and add the Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.


Old school babe posters in the Men’s restroom.

In addition to this new Midwood, there are several other concepts that will end Rocksalt’s loneliness in Park Road Shopping Center’s Backlot area.

  • Denver-based yoga powerhouse CorePower Yoga just opened.
  • Legit speakeasy from the Foxcroft Wine Co team named Dot Dot Dot should open in early summer.
  • Massive 5,000-square-foot Amelie’s should open in early summer.
  • New restaurant from Elizabeth’s Custom Shop team named Flourshop that will specialize in breads and pastas.


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