My favorite queso isn’t at a Mexican restaurant, it’s at a BBQ joint

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While I love the queso at Bakersfield and RuRu’s, the best queso in Charlotte is at Midwood Smokehouse.

[Agenda story: The great queso debate — Top 7 cheese dips in Charlotte]


I’d jump in this if it was life-size

Midwood’s small queso with meat runs $6. Your meat options are chopped pork or shredded beef brisket. Go with the brisket.


This is the small portion. The large is $8 (for the sake of your heart, do not order this unless you have a group of 4 or more). Pairs well with a beer.

“I was actually in Texas and thinking about recipes for Cantina 1511 when we developed the idea for the BBQ Queso,” said Midwood owner Frank Scibelli. “If you can do taco meat with queso, why not BBQ?”


Other top appetizers include the Pimento Cheese Fries (#1 most popular) and the Nachos Libre (#3 most popular).

If you really want to impress your group with Midwood Smokhouse appetizer strategy, add an order of their pimento cheese fries.

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