See the before and after: A stunning Myers Park kitchen renovation

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Presented by Queen City Audio Video & Appliances

Welcome to the Blythe family’s new kitchen.

Their newly renovated digs are stunning thanks to the work by their contractors from Mills Eloge Homes and appliances from Queen City Audio Video & Appliances.

It didn’t always look like the perfect family space it is now, though.

The Blythes love their neighborhood and wanted to find a creative way to stay in their home with their growing family.

“We started off with a bathroom renovation and that morphed into ‘let’s do it right and go ahead and do the kitchen.'”

Here are the “before” photos of the Blythe kitchen transformation. Prepare to be impressed:

They expanded their kitchen onto the screened porch to double the size of their old kitchen.

Clearly the updates and expansion were no walk in the park. So what would they recommend for future home renovators?

On finding the right people:
“We talked to two contractors and got pricing from both. Then (and most importantly), we wanted to find out if they had had good experiences with these types of renovations in the past, by talking with their past clients and learning the story of their homes. Finally, after an interview process and researching the project managers, we selected our contractor.”

On designing their dream kitchen:
“We used Pinterest and HGTV a lot to find inspiration. We also hired a local designer who drew the initial layout and plans – it would’ve been a disaster working without a designer beforehand.”

On expecting the unexpected:
“Once they do the demo, they can find things that you had no idea needed to be done. Have a good cushion for unexpected items, since it makes sense to get projects done when you have a contractor on hand already.”

“It all paid off in the end.”

“You have to weigh if you can live with it. Make sure to ask yourself how much you can escape to another place while renovations are happening.”

Here’s what you should expect to have a dream kitchen like this.

“I’d equate home renovation to childbirth –terrible going through it, but the end product is so worth it you forget all the pain.”

Featured Vendors
Appliances: Queen City Audio Video & Appliances
Design & Build: Mills Eloge Homes
Design: Emily Bourgeois
Cabinetry: Hardwood Creations Custom Kitchen & Cabinets
Countertop and Backsplash: InStyle Charlotte
Cabinet Hardware: Blackhawk Hardware
Kitchen Sink and Faucet: Ferguson Bath Kitchen & Lighting Gallery
Lighting: Visual Comfort & Co

All “after” photos by Laura Sumrak.

Note: This content was co-created with Queen City Audio Video & Appliances.

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