Driving Distance: 4 North Carolina dog-friendly, off-leash beaches to keep in mind for your next getaway

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There’s nothing better than frolicking through the surf with your best friend off-leash. Let loose at these four spots.

Bald Head Island

4 hours, 45 minutes from Charlotte

Dogs are allowed to be off-leash year round, but must be on the leash after dark during turtle season (May 1 through November 15).

Each of the Brunswick Islands’ beaches allow dogs, but all have different rules. See them here.

Duck Beach

5 hours, 50 minutes from Charlotte

In town, dogs must be on a leash no longer than ten feet long, but on the beach, all bets are off. Year-round, dogs are allowed on the beach sans leash, but keep in mind that Duck doesn’t have public beach access, which means you’ll need to be a guest renting property on the island.

See the full set of rules regarding dogs here.


Kitty Hawk

5 hours, 40 minutes from Charlotte

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Dogs are allowed on Kitty Hawk’s beach year-round, but need to be on a 6′ leash during from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the high season (Memorial Day through Labor Day). All other times, owners must be within 30′ feet and have a leash with them.

See the full set of rules here.


Topsail Beach

4 hours, 17 minutes from Charlotte

Off-leash dogs are allowed on the beach year-round save for high season (May 15 – September 30). The only rules are that they must be under voice command of an owner who is also prepared to pick up after it.

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