9 classes at Charlotte universities I wish I’d taken when I was in school

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Food Trucks 101: Starting a Mobile Food Business

Where to take it: Central Piedmont Community College
Class description: “Food trucks are the single fastest growing sector of the restaurant industry. Discover how to develop your business, build your brand and gain a loyal following. You will learn how to comply with regulatory requirements, to overcome common obstacles and to measure your success. Bonus: course includes a panel discussion with mobile food truck operators.” The next section kicks off 3/13/17. Details.

Once upon a time I wanted to open an all nachos restaurant called Nacho Mama’s but no one was as excited about it as I was. Perhaps if I put it in a truck…


Writing for Social Media: Short Form

Where to take it: Johnson C. Smith University
Class description: “An examination of short form writing for Social Media (e.g., memes and Twitter). This includes both an examination of this kind of writing, the practice and application of this kind of writing, and the ethics involved in this kind of writing (e.g., who has the right to an image used in a meme).”

Memes and tweets are sadly way more relevant to my life than all the Spanish Golden Age literature courses I took.

Introduction to Hip Hop

Where to take it: UNC Charlotte
Class description: “Examines the musical, corporeal, visual, spoken word and literary manifestations of hip hop from its early years to the present, focusing especially on the political, aesthetic, and lifestyle ramifications of hip hop in the US. The Black cultural practices and the intercultural relations across race, class, and gender that have given rise to the various forms of hip hop in North America will also be analyzed.” Details.

So I can serve up a succinct, airtight retort rather than just an exasperated eye roll when someone says, “I don’t get rap.”

Basic Comic Book Creation: Creating Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Where to take it: Central Piedmont Community College
Class description: “From initial concept to published comic, this course introduces students to the art of crafting comic books, manga and graphic novels. Visual storytelling is a powerful tool, and this course will help you build skills that you can use to communicate your story in a powerful way. You do not have to know how to draw to benefit from this course.” The next section starts 4/22/17. Details.

Because I really need to bring my superhero cupcake doodle to life.

Famous Criminal Trials of the 20th Century

Where to take it: UNC Charlotte
Class description: “The study of American criminal trials from 1900 to the present, with a review of specific cases to determine their effect upon, and reflection of, American society and culture.” Details.

Like a semester-long Law & Order binge.

Dragons & Dungeons

Where to take it: Queens University of Charlotte
Class description: “This upper-level seminar will focus on politics and culture in Medieval England, that land of dragons and dungeons, from the reign of Richard the Lion-Hearted in the 12th century to the War of the Roses in the 15th century. No prerequisite.”

Yes, this is a real class (HST 345) listed right after HST 340 French Revolution & Napoleon in the handbook. Now I can’t tell if dragons are real or not.

T-shirt Design and Printing

Where to take it: Central Piedmont Community College
Class description: “This screen printing overview class is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about the screen printing process. Our Graphics Arts and Imaging Technology staff will walk you through this class where you will get to go from concept to printed product. We keep the class size small to maximize the hands on time. If you work in any aspect of printing this is a good textile-based class for both the beginner and the novice or anyone wanting to learn more.” There are two spring offerings for this class — 3/25 or 4/22. Details.

Maybe then I could’ve beat 704Shop to the punch before they cornered the Charlotte tee market.



Photo via 704 Shop

The Violent Earth

Where to take it: UNC Charlotte
Class description: “Volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and other catastrophic natural phenomena with emphasis on causes, effects and human adjustments.” Details.

Five words: Volcanoes. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Floods.

Sole Food Digestible Sneaker Culture

Where to take it: Johnson C. Smith University
Class description: Professor Jemayne King covers his English course curriculum with an unconventional focus on trends in sneaker culture, and it’s the only class of its kind in the world. “The contemporary athletic shoe has experienced an evolution comparable to man. What began as necessity matriculated to style, then morphed into a culture with its own multicultural identity. ENG 296 Sole Food: Digestible Sneaker Culture addresses societal ills, life and identity within that culture, and explores the overall impact and phenomenon of sneakers on a global level. Whether an aficionado of sneaker culture or a contentious observer of the culture, ENG 296 Sole Food: Digestible Sneaker Culture examines the true essence of all things sneaker culture.”

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