How to become a morning person in Charlotte

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Presented by Bojangles’

Being a morning person doesn’t come naturally for some people. Sure, there are those who hop right out of bed with a smile on their face, get dressed by animated birds and have checked 10 things off their to-do list before 8 a.m.

Then, there are those who hit snooze roughly 12 times, can’t function without a healthy dose of caffeine (ok, unhealthy) and are always running 10-15 minutes late to the office.

If you fall into the later category, there’s hope for you. You can actually become a morning person. Let this be your guide.

If you still aren’t on the podcast train, climb aboard. Podcasts are a great way to pass the time on your morning drive. Some of them are downright riveting (Serial, anyone?)

Here are a few to check out:

The Charlotte Podcast
Two dudes, Miller and John, talk about all things Charlotte.
Listen: iTunes, Sound Cloud
Connect: Web, FacebookTwitter

The Margarita Confessionals
Marg lovers, Ali and Lauren, get real about dating in Charlotte. We’re talking tinder, ghosting, and more.
Listen: iTunes, Sound Cloud
Connect: Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

A podcast about crime – “stories of people who have wronged, been wronged or been caught somewhere in the middle”.It’ll have you on the edge of your seat.
Listen: iTunes
Connect: Web, Facebook, Twitter

This American Life
One of the most popular podcasts in the country. The show is hard to describe but always super interesting.
Listen: WebiTunesPandora
Connect: Web, Facebook, Twitter

Fresh Air
Each week, over 5 million listeners tune in to interviews led by Terry Gross. In 2015, it was the most downloaded podcast on iTunes. NBD.
Listen: Web
Connect: Web, Facebook, Twitter

Modern Love
Based on The New York Times’ popular series of weekly reader-submitted essays. Features readings by notable personalities like SNL’s Cecily Strong.
Listen: iTunes
Connect: Web, Facebook

Whether you’re a native or a newcomer to this great city, it doesn’t take long to figure out that our partner Bojangles’ is synonymous with mornings.


No matter your morning mood, Bojangles’ has something to fuel your day. Order accordingly:

Order: Cajun Filet Biscuit, Bo-Tato Rounds® and Bo’Town Roasters Coffee
Why: You get protein to energize you, caffeine to wake you up and potatoes because life is hard.


Order: Bo’Town Roasters Coffee and a Bo-Berry Biscuit®
Why: Saturday mornings were made for blueberry biscuits with icing drizzled on top.



Order: A Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit with OJ
Why: Your body could use a little post-workout protein. (Plus, it’s your cheat day.)


Order: Cheddar Bo Biscuit and an extra large half sweet/half unsweet Legendary Iced Tea
Why: We’ve all been there and honestly, if a cure exists, Cheddar Bo Biscuits are it.

Check out their full menu here to find your perfect order.

Whether you drive, bike, walk or take public transportation. Your morning commute can be made better by these apps.

Free, Available for iPhone & Android
Waze is a real-time traffic app that crowd sources information from users. That means you are getting the most up to date info on areas to avoid. Recently, Waze announced that Keith Morrison, of NBC’s Dateline, would be a new GPS voice guide option.

Free, $15/mo after 30 days, Available on iPhone and Android
With this audio book app, you can breeze through the New York Times bestseller list on your drive to work. For $15 a month you’ll get one book download from a catalog of over 180,000 titles.

Gas Buddy
Available for iPhone & Android
Track down the cheapest, most convenient gas stations on your way to work. The app even offers rewards for users.

Free or $9.99/mo for Spotify Premium, Available for iPhone & Android
If blasting some Britney Spears helps you get through your commute, you need the Spotify app. With Spotify Premium you can listen commercial free and even download playlists so it doesn’t use up your data.

People who workout in the morning may seem super human but rest assured, they are not. You too can make working out part of your morning routine. It’s not just a great way to help you reach your fitness goals but it’s an awesome way to energize yourself for the day. Plus, you can walk around feeling really self-righteous afterwards.

Here are some options to get you started:

Take a run on the greenway
No matter where you live in Charlotte, chances are, you are close to a section of greenway. A morning run is a great way to wake-up, breath in some fresh air and get pumped for the day. To find the closest greenway to you, click here.

Get in the zone at Orange Theory 
This place has a cult-like following. Their 60-minute workout sessions are a mix of cardio and strength training. They recently opened locations in South End and Ballantyne. Try it for free and see what the fuss is about.

Sweat it out at an Arrichion hot yoga class
Hot yoga isn’t just a a legit workout, it’ll make you feel super zen during your 8-hour work day. Arrichion in South End is currently offering a Groupon. It’s $25 for 20 hot yoga classes. An insane deal.

Find your groove at Jazzercise
It impossible to have a bad day after a Jazzercise class. Listen to upbeat music and get a great full body workout. After you’re done, you’ll be ready to tackle the day like a boss.

Take a swim at the Dowd YMCA
Aquatic workouts are a big fitness trend for 2017. Plus, nothing wakes you up like diving into a pool. You can either swim laps on your own or take a water cardio class. It’s a killer full body, low impact workout.

Hello Ginger Coffee Mug
Cost: $17
Where to buy:
This Charlotte-based Etsy shop offers some snazzy mugs to brighten your morning. They come in a variety of designs, including one that says “Charlotte Native aka Unicorn”.

Cloister Honey
Cost: $12 and up (prices vary)
Where to buy: Fresh Market Dilworth and other local retailers
Add it to your cup of tea or drizzle it over a biscuit. Go for the traditional or mix things up with infused flavors like Bourbon or Chipotle Pepper.

704 Shop Yoga Leggings
Cost: $60
Where to buy: Online
Elevate your morning yoga sessions with a pair of 704 Shop leggings. They come in really cool prints to help you show off your Charlotte love.

Ella B. Candles (Shown above)
Cost: $28
Where to Buy: Paper Skyscraper and other local retailers
Start your morning with a little relaxation via candlelight. Each Charlotte neighborhood has it’s own unique scent.

From your new workout routine, smart phone apps and A.M. Bojangles’ fuel – you should be ready to take on Charlotte mornings in a new way. I-77 will have nothing on you.

(This content was co-created with Bojangles’.)

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