Can you handle the Half Yard?

Can you handle the Half Yard?
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Although Park Road Shopping Center continues to get more rich and fancy, there’s a legit pub down the alley named Sir Edmond Halley’s. Their patio is A+.


While they’re known for pouring Guinness, Sir Edmond Halley’s also offer a Half Yard – 32 ounces – for $9.50. Order it.


Agenda team member Lizzy Sirkin in the background – she ordered a “Half Yard of Cider, please” from the waiter who stared at her like she was crazy.

Here are your draught beer options for the Half Yard. I recommend OMB’s Captain Jack.


Order the cheese fries and order an Uber. For you Agenda party animals, Montford is an easy 10-minute walk from Sir Edmond Halley’s if you’re looking to take your night to the next level.


As you struggle to take your first sip of this awkwardly large beverage, distant memories of college and bachelor parties jolt you into party mode.

Agenda pro tip: Be careful with the end of the Half Yard. Beer travels fast down the tube.


🍺👀 at Sir Edmond Halley’s. 👌 day for a Half Yard ($9.50) on their patio.

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When I asked if the Half Yard was popular, the Sir Edmond Halley’s server responded, “It was cool about 21 years ago. Nobody much orders them anymore.” Let’s change that.


Agenda team bonding happy hour. Andrew, Ted & Kylie.

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