19 photos that will make you want to have your baby at Atrium Health Pineville’s Maternity Center

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When it comes to bringing life into the world, not many places do it better than Atrium Health Pineville’s Maternity Center.

I toured their state-of-the-art facility and talked with their staff and I was blown away. For real.

Whether you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you’re going to want to have your baby here.

The first thing you need to know about Atrium Health Pineville’s Maternity Center is that they are dedicated to family-centered care.

Everything happens in one room, from labor to delivery. And when your baby is born, it’s not getting whisked off to a nursery. That little bundle of joy will be right beside you.

And their birthing suites are super nice. I’m talking hotel stay nice.

The rooms feature flat-screen TVs, mini fridges and private bathrooms with whirlpool tubs. There’s even a couch that turns into a bed for when dad gets sleep (even though we both know you are doing all the work here).

All that’s missing is room service. Oh wait…they have that too.

Seriously. There are menus and you can order food directly to your room.

But what really sets this maternity center apart is their expertise and incredible dedication to keeping mom and baby healthy.

Through a strong partnership with Piedmont GYN/OB, Atrium Health Pineville has developed a unique certified nurse midwives program that can support a variety of birthing plans.

With the collaboration of physicians like Dr. Ted Garcia and certified nurse midwives like Tammy Reyes, MSN, CNM (both shown below), new moms get the peace of mind of a hospital and 24/7 physician availability, with the holistic and customized experience of delivering with a certified nurse midwife. It’s a total win-win.

During my tour, we took a walk through the Level III Neonatal Care Unit. This is where babies go that are born prematurely or require extra care.

Traditional neonatal care units keep all the babies in one big room; however, here every baby has their own room. This helps the doctors and nurses cater to the baby’s individual needs.

Every room also has a train on the wall. The train helps track the baby’s success and gets updated every day. The cars all start out red but then move to yellow and green as the baby gets healthier. When the train is all green, it’s time for baby to go home.

For a new mom, this could be a scary place, but that’s not the vibe at Atrium Health Pineville’s Level III Neonatal Care Unit. The nurses make it a welcoming place.

The nurses even make cute little name tags for every baby’s room by hand (name blurred for baby’s privacy, of course!). Swoon.

The rest of the center is equally impressive.

There is a Starbucks (critical).

A cafeteria that doesn’t feel like public school.

And a cute gift shop with items to welcome baby into the world.

The real highlight of the tour? The center’s amazing staff.

They truly make you feel like you are in good hands.

Before I left my tour, a soft lullaby played over the hospital PA system. A nurse looked at me and said, “Do you hear that? That plays every time a baby is born.”

To deliver your baby at Atrium Health Pineville, get connected with one of the certified nurse midwives or physicians at Piedmont GYN/OB

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