A letter to “People not from Charlotte” about snow

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(This letter was anonymously sent to the Agenda to be published)

Dear People Not From Charlotte,

Welcome to our fair city. We’re thrilled to have you. (We really are – transplants have brought lots of wonderful things to our city and we welcome and appreciate your contributions!) If I may, I have one little piece of advice.

Please don’t complain about how we react to snow and ice.

Yes, I know that wherever you came from people would still be going to work and running with the dogs and hanging out at the ice cream shop or whatever.

I know that before moving here you had snow shovels and tire chains. I know that you find all this hullabaloo over an inch of snow silly. And that’s fine.

But here’s the thing: If you’re going to embrace just one Charlotte tradition, this is the one to get behind.

Try it.

Just stop complaining for a few minutes and instead take a moment to appreciate the fact that you have zero obligation to shovel or plow anything. In fact, unless you work from home, you probably get an impromptu holiday!

Stay home with your family and drink some cocoa. Get the fireplace going and watch the snow out the window. Make snow angels. Watch the local news people report on parked cars and overpasses. Enjoy the fact that instead of putting chains on your tires, you get to watch your dog freak out running around the backyard.

We <3 snow days.

In fact, you could argue that they’re the most fun holiday we have all year.

Snow days might be the last best representation of the magic of childhood that you get to enjoy in your adult life. So give it a shot. And if you really need to whine about something you can always complain about people driving in the snow, since it is the god-given right of anyone who has ever moved from from anywhere to anywhere else to complain about the drivers in New Place.

And, while we’re at it, one other small piece of advice for living in NC: never invite someone to a “barbecue” when what you’ll be doing is grilling out. It’s the worst kind of bait and switch.

Warmest Wishes,

A Native Charlotteean


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