Leroy Fox plans to expand into South End

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Popular Southern restaurant Leroy Fox has plans to come to South End.

That’s according to permits filed with the city of Charlotte. Leroy Fox is currently a staple of Cotswold and owned by the team that also runs Mortimer’s at the EpiCentre.

1/4 South Leroy Fox Charlotte

The restaurant would be in the corner spot of 1616 Center.

Though it’s unclear if a deal has been finalized, the location would be on Camden Road in the same building that will house the new Fidelli Kitchen.

leroy-fox-south-end camden

It’s unclear what the timeframe will be.

Inquiries to Leroy Fox’s management team and to the leasing office of 1616 Center were not returned.

An open question: Can Leroy Fox’s fried chicken compete with Price’s Chicken Coop?

Leroy Fox openly markets itself as a fried chicken place. In this new location, it would be only steps from Charlotte’s most famous fried chicken joint — Price’s.

To be fair, they are two very different experiences. We’ll see what happens.


Price’s Chicken Coop

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