Want to feel rich this weekend? Rent a Lamborghini

Want to feel rich this weekend? Rent a Lamborghini
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We all know that you can rent cars at Enterprise and Hertz. But what if you want something a little sexier than a Toyota Camry?

Thanks to Charlotte Luxury Rentals, you can rent a Lamborghini, BMW or even a Rolls Royce for the day.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of pulling up to the Bojangles’ drive-through in a snazzy, tricked-out Mercedes and ordering five picnic-sized mac and cheeses. Just me? OK.

Charlotte Luxury Rentals already has a tagline: “Why drive one when you can drive them all?” But personally, I feel like their tagline should simply be: “YOLO.”


Everette Brown

Owned by ex-Panther Everette Brown and his wife, Tenisha, Charlotte Luxury Rentals makes renting a bada** car surprisingly easy.

I figured you would need to get a background check, be fingerprinted and sign over custody of your first-born child in order to take one of their $200,000 cars out on the road. Instead, all you need is car insurance and a major credit card. Oh, and you have to be at least 25 years old. (Sorry Gen Z’s.)

I talked to Everette and Tenisha to find out more about the car renting process. Here’s our conversation:

How much lead time is needed to reserve a vehicle? Can you reserve a vehicle the day of?

Tenisha: We typically require reservations to be made at least 24 hours in advance. However, we do have same-day reservations available for select vehicles.

How much should people expect to spend?

Everette: Rates range from $250-$2,500 per day.

Can vehicles be rented by the hour?

Tenisha: We have daily, weekly and monthly reservations available. We also offer hourly reservations (but this option is only available with a driver).

What’s the most popular vehicle you rent?

Tenisha: Our most popular vehicle is our Cadillac Escalade for corporate clients and our Bentley Flying Spur for weddings.

Everette: We do a lot of weddings. People also love renting the convertible when the weather’s nice.

What’s the most expensive vehicle you rent?

Tenisha: Our Rolls Royce Ghost (about $250,000). This is only available as a special request.

Can I have it?

Tenisha: No.

What made you decide to open a luxury car rental business?

Everette: I’ve never been the guy to own a lot of cars and keep them in my garage. But what was an eye-opener was when Tenisha and I got married. We needed a car for engagement photos and there were no options in North or South Carolina.

What’s the average age of your customers?

Tenisha: Between 30-35.

Do you get a lot of athletes renting your cars?

Everette: Definitely.

Do you ever get nervous that someone’s going to take one of your cars and drive to Mexico and never come back?

Everette: I don’t get nervous. We have good clients and we’ve been lucky. The only time it can get a little nerve-wracking is when clients take the cars a long distance.


I’m not a huge car person but I’m not gonna lie, the handstitched interior of the Bentley Flying Spur felt really good under my Target leggings.

And even though I won’t ever own a car worth more than my college education, I’m glad I got to sit in one before I die.

So if you’ve never driven anything more luxurious than a Toyota Camry, maybe it’s time you tried a slice of the good life. Just like Charlotte Luxury Rental’s new tagline that I just created for them says, “You only live once.”

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