The carpool lanes on I-77 will be closing soon

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If you carpool from the lake to Uptown, get ready for a change: The HOV lanes will be closing soon.

The high-occupancy vehicle lanes that let carpoolers avoid some congestion on their commutes are expected to close this month, according to the agenda for the City Council’s meeting Monday.

The contractor behind the project told the Agenda it could be early January before two miles close between I-85 and Uptown.

I-77 Mobility Partners will send notices before that happens.

Charlotte is gearing up for slow-downs.

The city is charging the toll lane contractor $288,430 for expected additional costs on the Charlotte Area Transit System express buses that run up and down I-77. They are able to use the HOV lanes.

The city is also planning to get $1.4 million from the state Department of Transportation to run more express buses.


In case you were wondering, the toll lanes are scheduled to open in January 2019.

Cover image by Charlie Cowins via Flickr – Creative Commons

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