Meet Jordan T. McGee’s dogs, Ellie Mae and Georgia

Meet Jordan T. McGee’s dogs, Ellie Mae and Georgia
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This is part of our ongoing series titled Pet Tales, stories about Charlotteans’ best friends.

Jordan McGee’s dogs:

Ellie Mae (EM) Epstein is 2 and an English Bulldog.
Georgia (G) McGee is a bullboxer (pit boxer mix) that is roughly 5ish.


EM was bought from an amateur breeder 3 hours away, G was thrown out of a car on the highway in Concord, and a friend of mine posted a picture of her on Facebook. However, depending on the meaning of “origin,” you see, when two doggies love each other VERY much…

Let’s say your pet has a job interview and has to describe itself in three words.

G: “Fast-paced, cunning and loyal.”
EM: “I like naps good!”

Now you describe your pet in three words:

G: Lithe, quirky and high-energy.
EM: Adorable, capricious and gassy.

Best trait:

G: Upbeat and infectious optimism
EM: She gives good face


Worst habit:

G: Tends to destroy things accidentally when she’s excited.
EM: When she needs to go, girl just GOES. Especially in the living room behind the sofa.

Favorite food:

G: Anything that can be carried away quickly and carefully and then thrown about and played with – especially bugs.
EM: Whatever’s left in G’s bowl (I suspect she’s on the Octomom diet and she only eats the other’s leftovers)

Greatest accomplishment:

G can climb trees and EM knows rudimentary Spanish. I have no idea how she can learn Spanish but doesn’t know THAT POOPING IS FOR OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE


Favorite places in Charlotte:

G just loves the Mint Museum on Randolph and Davies Dog Park on 51. EM is partial to her daddies’ bed and the Mint as well.

Biggest fear:

G is terrified of anything that I gasp at and EM’s mortal enemy is the vacuum (this fear was inherited from G)

Sleep spot:

G’s is any small and confined space that is 30% too small for her size and EM just lives to sleep wherever we are.

The house is on fire and you’ve obviously already saved your pet (duh) so now your pet gets to save ONE THING that isn’t you. What is it?

G would save her leash and EM would save Chris’ basket of flip flops


Your favorite thing about your pet:

I love how EM is always so happy to just be alive. She never acts out or sulks. Her happy nature and sweet temperament make her an ideal addition to our family. G has seemingly endless energy and a fun, positive approach to everything that makes her so lovable.

What’s one thing about your pet that only you know:

G is probably the most trusting dog I’ve ever met. I can hold her like a baby and even hold her in my hands like a baby above the bed by probably three feet, and then drop her – hopefully NOT like a baby. She doesn’t squirm or freak, rather just bounces and lies there. EM has TOTALLY turned my opinion on bulldogs around. I used to think that they were a cruel eugenics experiment that was completely selfish and unnecessary. However, while that may still be true, she has shown me how incredibly loving and happy and hysterical they can be. I believe that my dogs encourage me to grow and develop as a person and I will be forever indebted to them for that.

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