South End is getting a Starbucks — inside the Publix

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South End should soon have a Starbucks location, inside the Publix on South Boulevard.

City building permit records show that the supermarket has plans for a Starbucks location inside the South End store. The permits have not been issued yet.

south end publix


This will fill the Starbucks void in South End.

While the coffee scene is getting better with the addition of a new Central Coffee location, it’s been devoid of Pike Place Roast.


Ballantyne’s Publix will be getting one, as well.

There are also city building permit records for that location.

If you voted for the city transportation bonds, it will be easier to get there.

One of the projects would be a pedestrian crossing over where Sycamore Brewing is. That will let all the people in the apartment complexes over there access the Publix and this new Starbucks.


No timeframe on when the Starbucks will be ready.

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