Alton Lane now open in South End. View hidden poker room, deer head & zebra wallpaper

Alton Lane now open in South End. View hidden poker room, deer head & zebra wallpaper
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There are few places where you can walk into a shop where the staff knows your name, your drink preference, and the size of your collar.

We’ve become all too used to walking in, trying on, and walking out. But Alton Lane, originating in New York City, has come to Charlotte to change that, and create the retail experience every man didn’t know he desired.


You walk into their South End showroom located in the back hallway of Atherton Mills, and into a room with walls covered in a funky, faux plant and booming music.

The kind of music that pumps you up, while also seemingly putting you in a relaxed trance at the same time.

You walk through the second door of the showroom to see the style bar and a small staff of two.

Just two, you ask? Having just two staff per showroom ensures that every time you come in, someone knows your name.



I was immediately drawn to the funky red wallpaper adorned with zebras, the delicious fabrics and vibrant colors covering mannequins, and the intensely huge flat screen television situated behind the fully stocked style bar.

You wouldn’t necessarily group these elements together when thinking retail, but Alton Lane makes it seem like the most normal shopping experience.


Other fringe benefits of being a client at Alton Lane include a lavish common space where you can watch the game or host your fantasy draft league, and a hidden poker room with lockers available for you to keep your favorite spirit.

All of these elements sound like more of a private club than your go-to shopping store, but let’s not forget you’re surrounded by top of the line suiting and products.


All of the ties, shirts, accessories, and suits are sourced from the best quality mills around the world including Thomas Mason and Scabal.

They can accommodate any taste in suiting style, add in small, fun elements to create a suit completely unique to you, and utilize a 3D body scanner to take over 300 measurements in just 30 seconds.


Alton Lane has brought a luxury to Charlotte that we just haven’t seen much of yet, especially for men.

If an experience is something you’d like along with your suit, this place proves to be so much more than even that.

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