Agenda for Friday June 12: Mint hill to oysters

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Hello Friday.

I ate a filet mignon with asparagus and mashed potatoes from Bonterra yesterday at an advertising luncheon event hosted by AAF Charlotte. The tasty steak was about the size of my fist and I had some delightful conversation with Adams Outdoor star designer Sam White and Boingo Graphics co-owner Linda Kirby. The Bonterra old church vibe made for an intimate setting. Steak for lunch? Need to do it more often. Anyways. 


Today’s Weather: 90. Mostly sunny, 20% chance of rain. Hot weekend. 
Today’s Stat: $17 million. Amount of money our United Way is giving out to 154 charity programs
Today’s Job: Digital Content Strategist at Ally Financial. Apply.
Today’s Charlottean: Mary Moss Brown, Founder of the Charlotte Lab School, for bringing big ideas to Uptown education. 


5 things you learn at a T-ball game
I agree with Jason Foster that T-ball represents baseball at its purest level. These photos of kids tell the entire heartfelt story. I still remember the spray painted circle I was suppose to stay inside back in my T-ball days, about 24 years ago.

There really is a lot to do in Mint Hill (I promise)
Explore Mint Hill with Tim. I love it. Made me want to move to a small town (kinda). Look into everywhere from Monroe Hardware Company to Town Hall to Penny’s Place to Bain Academy to Philadelphia Presbyterian Church. 

Saving the Brodt Building and sneak peak at Legion Brewing
New Plaza Midwood brewery looks to serve beer this Fall and is currently under construction. Get the scoop from Liz on why Jay Levell decided not to bulldoze the building.

How Moore Place is ending homelessness in Charlotte
Moore Place is an 85-unit apartment building that opened in February 2012. It’s part of our city’s plan to end homelessness by 2016. Emily asks Katie Church (Tenant Services Coordinator at Moore Place) 4 questions. Important.

Who needs a vacation when you can staycation?
Cancel that trip to Asheville or Myrtle Beach and stay here. Dana guides you on where to stay, play, eat and drink. 


Since 2001 lacrosse participation has grown 991% in NC. Lacrosse Magazine reports that our state has the highest growth rate in the country. Good news for the Hounds.

It’s now law that NC magistrates and register of deeds office staffers can opt out of performing gay marriages. WRAL reports that the NC House voted 69-41 to override Governor McCrory’s veto, thus putting this into law. Charlotte Magazine writes a fast rebuttal.

You can now renew your NC driver’s license online instead of going to the DMV and our NC license is getting a redesign. News & Observer reports on the new design and renewal options. People not having to enter the DMV will likely have an adverse effect on liquor and anger management class sales.

ROCKSALT partners with Unknown, NoDa, Sugar Creek & Birdsong to create an event series titled #patiotakeover. These breweries will take over ROCKSALT’s Park Road Shopping Center patio to serve beer and give away stuff while Chef Jay’s team shucks some oysters. Agenda Briefing

Have a spicy weekend and you should try the Quinoa stuffed avocado salad from Viva Chicken, it’s tasty.

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