Midwood Smokehouse debuts new urban concept with Smokeshack

Midwood Smokehouse debuts new urban concept with Smokeshack
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As Midwood Smokehouse prepares for global domination in the fast casual space, it recently launched an urban concept named Midwood Smokeshack in a Matthews shopping center.

Feels like an odd location, but I know very little about restaurant real estate.


Midwood Smokeshack has a Chipotle-style ordering process.

This new concept gives Midwood the optionality of expanding with an urban design or a restaurant design (like the one in Plaza Midwood).


Current menu (plastered on the wall).

This menu will be simplified to make the ordering experiencing faster.

What are people ordering? Midwood Smokeshack told the me that currently, there’s a ton of Pig Out ($40) takeout orders for families.


At the Midwood Smokeshack, they slice the meat at the counter.

I’m a big fan of meat slicing in front of my eyes. It’s like the prime rib guy at a country club Easter buffet – but the Midwood Smokeshack meat is 10x tastier.


In addition to this new urban concept, pitmaster and brisket nerd Michael Wagner joined the team from Texas where he was a leader at the famous Kent Black’s BBQ.

Michael met the Midwood Smokehouse team (Frank and Matt) in Texas and he recently moved to Charlotte his wife and three children.

I had lunch with Michael and loved the guy. Anybody that says “Every meat has it’s own personality… I never time time a brisket, it’s just feel…” – is a serious meat guy.

As he was talking, I pretended to write down notes, but in all honestly, I was devouring the brisket – which was freaking delicious and melted in my mouth like cotton candy.


Don’t worry, I also ate a salad so that I can stay healthy and keep my vegan friends like Katie Levans happy with my ordering.


Yes, there’s beer and wine at the Smokeshack.

Who’s the loser ordering the Blue Moon? C’mon man.


Agenda pro tip from pitmaster Michael Wagner for all those amatuer BBQ kings grilling in their backyards.

I asked Michael for his one piece of advice to aspiring smokers and he told me, “Don’t open the smoker. You want a consistent temperature.”

I look forward to Michael inviting me over to his house for a Panthers game day cookout, but he didn’t ask for my contact information…

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