A comprehensive list of the best nachos in Charlotte

A comprehensive list of the best nachos in Charlotte
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I recently wrote a research-heavy article about the best French fries in Charlotte. And now, just to further prove to our readers that I have the dietary habits of a 12-year-old boy, I will tackle the southern cousin of French fries: nachos. Here’s a detailed list of the best Charlotte nachos in each category:

Best chicken nachos: Loaded Chicken Nachos from Duckworth’s


Photo via Instagram

Duckworth’s nachos are the most expensive on this list but they are also the most enormous. The toppings are pretty standard but then Duckworth’s goes the extra mile and adds an entire pound of chicken (or buffalo chicken). Their menu says in bold font “This one’s for sharing, folks!” But I want Duckworth’s to stop telling me what to do.

Cost: $15.99
Other options: Camryn’s Cheesy Nachos which are just cheese and salsa and I don’t think count as nachos.
Bonus: Their nacho platter (and their entire menu) is available until 2 a.m.

Best meatless nachos: Black Bean Nachos from Dish



Yes, Dish is homey, affordable and serves some of the best comfort food in Charlotte. But my favorite thing about Dish? The rumors that their building used to be home to a secret Chinese gambling hall. How cool is that?


OK, back to the nachos. Just like all of Dish’s dishes, the black bean nachos are no-frills and delicious. Also, their salsa is homemade so be smart and ask for extra.

Cost: $9.49
Other options: You can add pulled chicken for $1.50 but you really don’t need to.

Best unconventional nachos: Beer Cheese Nachos from VBGB


Photo via Instagram

VBGB puts their homemade beer cheese on everything, including their nachos. Besides the beer cheese (<3) they also add fried jalapenos which is just the icing on top of this nacho cake.

Cost: $6.35
Other options: Add honey BBQ chicken, Cajun chicken, Cajun ground beef or a black bean burger for $3 extra. You can also swap your tortilla chips for tater tots but that’s for a whole ‘nother article.

Best fancy nachos: Dirty South Nachos from Soul Gastrolounge


If you’re like me and like to pretend you live on Queens Road West and shop at Phillip’s Place, these nachos are for you. Soul Gastrolounge pours on pimento cheese fondue and then tops it with jalapeño pickled okra and fried chicken skin. It sounds a little scary but after one bite I promise you’ll be a die-hard chicken skin fan.


Cost: $9
Other options: None

Best fajita nachos: Nachos Fajitas from Mi Pueblo Mexican Grill


Photo via Instagram

These nachos are a little too vegetable-heavy for my taste, but I’ve decided that enough people love the Fajita Nachos from Mi Pueblo Mexican Grill to not have them represented on the list. They load on grilled onions, bell peppers and the only part I like, cheese sauce.

Cost: $11.05
Other options: Chicken, beef, plain cheese, plain beans or beef AND beans nachos.

Best steak nachos: Nacho Supreme from Three Amigos Mexican Restaurant and Cantina


Photo via Instagram

Three Amigos on Central is the perfect hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant with ridiculously good steak nachos.


Be sure to get there early on weekends since their restaurant is tiny and they have a cult following.

Cost: $7.99
Other options: Chicken
Bonus: All of their desserts are half off on Tuesdays which is the perfect way to cap off your healthy meal.

Best nachos in general: (Yes this is a category because this is my article and I’m the boss.) Supreme Nachos from Sabor Latin Street Grill


The Supreme Nachos from Sabor Latin Street Grill are cheesy, huge and cheap (my three favorite things). And if you don’t order them with refried beans then you need to re-evaluate your life choices.

Cost: $6.95 (plus meat)
Other options: Ground beef, steak, shredded chicken, grilled chicken and vegetarian. They also have Dominican Nachos which are basically French fries with cabbage and they kind of freak me out.
Bonus: You can order online and skip the frustratingly long dinner line.

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