Amos’ Southend will close in March after 27 years in business

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Another Charlotte music venue will be closing its doors.

Amos’, a popular nightlife destination in South End, announced yesterday that its final show will be March 4, 2017.

“The expansion of the business and retail corridor in Southend is presenting many new challenges to successfully run a music venue and I feel we will not be able to continue to operate efficiently and properly serve our customers moving forward,” said owner John Ellison in a statement shared on Facebook. amos south end

Amos’ fate follows a string of recent music venue closings over the last year.

Less than a mile down the road, Tremont Music Hall closed its doors back in December to make way for new development, the plans for which we have yet to confirm.

And across town in NoDa, The Chop Shop hosted its farewell show on November 14, 2015 ahead of rezoning plans for a large mixed-use development along the Blue Line Extension at the forthcoming 36th Street Station.

Tremont Music Hall

Tremont Music Hall

Meanwhile, The Double Door Inn, which has operated in the Elizabeth neighborhood since 1973, is moving in the same direction. Central Piedmont Community College wants to purchase Double Door to expand its campus, a sale that is expected to go through in January of next year. Double Door supporters have started a petition to preserve the venue and it’s currently backed by 1,481 signatures.

In the meantime, at least, it’ll be business as usual at Amos’ Southend.

The last 27 years in Charlotte have been tremendous and I’m very proud of what the Amos’ staff and I have been able to accomplish,” Ellison said in his statement. Tickets for upcoming shows through January 28 are currently available online.

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