Taco Bell is testing “Walking Nachos” only in Charlotte. I don’t think they will catch on

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Taco Bell is using Charlotte as their testing ground for a new product: Walking Nachos.

Nachos are my favorite food. But I don’t think these are going to be a hit, even at $2.99 for a sizable portion of food. The bag is pretty cool looking, though.

We grabbed a couple orders of these at the TB on South Boulevard and put them to the test — by walking and eating them.



This task looked pretty difficult from the beginning. Not a lot of entry points.


All the toppings are kind of plopped on the top. Awesome that it has guac, but you’re going to have to put your hands in it. Once you get past the top layer, you have a little bit of an easier time, but the gooey cheese is still going to get everywhere.


Seriously, within seconds my hands were a wreck.

I ended up taking these back inside and grabbing a fork.


On the plus side, the chips did stay crispy until the end.

That’s important, even if you’re left with a bunch of un-topped chips about halfway through the bag. Taco Bell is using their Doritos style chip that made them so much money on Locos Tacos.

Going strictly by taste and not the experience, I found the Walking Nachos to be tastier than the Triple Layer Nachos that Taco Bell has always sold. Not as good as the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes though.


Anyway, if this looks good to you, be grateful you live in Charlotte. I don’t see these making it to other cities anytime soon.

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