Charlotte coworking moves south: now open near Matthews

Charlotte coworking moves south: now open near Matthews
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Pretty much all of Charlotte’s coworking options are in the center city or adjacent neighborhoods. That makes sense — a lot of the city’s creative class is clustering in those same areas.

But there are thousands of mobile workers in the city’s periphery, and coworking industry leaders have long recognized the opportunity in bringing shared, communal workspace farther south.

Enter — a new coworking space in the Matthews area.

The 7,000-square-foot space opened last week in a formerly vacant office suite in Quorum Business Park off Independence. It’s operated by Nova Capital, which also owns the business park (they bought it for $7.5 million in 2014).

altbiz biz park

altbiz building 2

Pricing is fairly simple: $100, $200 or $500 per month.

A spot in the common areas is $100. Access to the coffee, too.

altbiz coffee

altbiz conference room

A cubicle/dedicated desk is $200.

I’ll be interested to see what the demand is for these.

altbiz cubicle

An small office with room for a couple people runs you $500.

altbiz office

There’s also a training room that will open to the public. hopes to capture people in Matthews, Indian Trail and Union County.

People who often use Independence to commute, said Antonia Logan, who is operating the coworking space. There’s not as much readily available office space in that part of the region — and Logan said the company is hoping to stay ahead of growth that’s already progressing down the Monroe Road corridor.

The space is a work in progress.

The company is going to do exterior renovations on the buildings soon. That’s in addition to more interior decorations underway now.

Then they’ll move to the hard work of bringing in clients and define a culture. It’s not the sexiest location in the world, but it’ll be a valuable experiment in what the demand is for mobile workers in southeastern Charlotte.

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