Here’s how to get $5 cocktails at hot Charlotte restaurants like Kindred & Sea Level

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If you feel like summer’s winding down, think again, people. We’ve got plenty of heat left.

One of the best ways to cool off will be the Liberate Your Palate Craft Cocktail Tour, which is back starting this Friday (July 29).

kindred cocktail

Unfamiliar with the tour? I’ll break it down.

You buy a passbook ($30 each), which contains the key to $5 cocktails at some of the best bars and restaurants in Charlotte. Then, you have two months to enjoy them all at your leisure.

Participating restaurants include: Heirloom, Kid Cashew, Kindred, Passion 8, Sea Level, 204 North, Carpe Diem.

The tour is perfect for cocktail fanatics and for anyone curious about the craft cocktail world. Each location’s specific drink is listed inside the passbook, so decision-making is easy. All you have to do is find time to hit all 30+ spots between July 29 and September 30.

passion-8 cocktail

Liberate Your Palate founder Tamu Curtis has found success with the tour for several seasons now and has even expanded the fun to Charleston. Tell your coastal friends.

If you embark on this tasty adventure, make sure to download the Liberate Your Palate app on your iPhone or Android to view location details, check in, and even receive extra special offers.

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Liberate Your Palate summer 2016

All image courtesy of Liberate Your Palate

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