I’ve fallen in love with a $12 sock made in Charlotte

I’ve fallen in love with a $12 sock made in Charlotte
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A single pair costs $12, but Charlotte-based sock company Feetures makes the best damn socks I’ve ever put on my feet.

I’m trying to become more of a sneakerhead (especially after watching our Agenda mini-documentary on sneaker culture). I’m a khaki pants, Nike sneakers kind of guy.

As I’ve increased my sneaker game, I’ve been acutely aware that my sock game is bad.

I’ve been wearing old Nike socks that are okay.

But you know those random socks that sometimes appear in your sock drawer? Well that happened to me about two weeks ago. It was a pair of medium sized Feetures. I put then on and slipped my foot into my new Nike Air Max shoes. Heaven.


Like any new-age consumer I turned to the internet to further investigate what was on my feet.

I found that the socks were $12. Damn.

I don’t run marathons (or 5Ks for that matter) so I have no real need for a $12 sock – but when you find a fit like this, price isn’t important. I run 6.5 on the treadmill. Judge me.

The socks are thin and I have small feet (judge me again) so it’s actually hard to find a perfectly fitting sock. I’ve now found my true sock love.


Oh, one other thing. Sometimes the back of sneakers rub against my heel and can cause a blister. These Feetures No Show Tab Socks provide the perfect coverage. Boom.


Shockingly, Feetures is located in Charlotte.

I actually now remember meeting their team in Uptown when they were doing some promotional Instagram video stunt.

An older guy (who I think is the founder) asked me to race as a younger employee filmed it on their iPhone outside of the Mint Museum. Super random and pretty awkward. But I did it. And I beat him.

Cheers to you Feetures, I never thought I’d be a guy that buys a $12 sock, but I’m awkwardly in love. You win.


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