First Look: Behind the scenes aquarium tour at Discovery Place

First Look: Behind the scenes aquarium tour at Discovery Place
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I’m not sure if it’s the premiere of “Finding Dory,” or just my growing desire to take a trip to the beach, but when I heard that Discovery Place was going to start to offer a behind-the-scenes tour of their aquarium I was really excited. And after taking the new tour, I can tell you that you should be excited too.

Here’s a first look at Discovery Place’s behind the scenes aquarium tour.


When: Saturdays at 3:30, after the regular tour of the aquarium.

Cost: $8 for members, $10 for nonmembers

Who: Only 8 people are allowed per tour. It is meant to be an intimate experience. And, you must be 8 years or older to participate.

Where do I buy tickets?

Call Discovery Place at 704-372-6261 or buy them at the front desk of the museum.

What will you see? Jellyfish, coral, fruit flies, sea stars, cuttlefish, pencil urchins, and left handed welk- just to name a few.


I thought that the coolest part of the tour was the jellyfish.

Discovery Place is unique because it breeds its own jellyfish. The jellyfish are separated in tanks according to size, which is cool because you can see them grow in stages.





Discovery Place makes its own saltwater in these giant machines.


Touch tank animals live in holding tanks.

The animals rotate into the museum so that they don’t get stressed out from too many interactions.


You also get to see this huge tank of cuttlefish.

Cuttlefish change color to match the background, and they ink- kind of like octopuses.


This is what the back side of the fish tanks look like.

The tanks are a lot bigger than they appear in the exhibit. They actually stretch to the ceiling, and you have to climb a ladder to feed the fish in the tanks.


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