Complaints about driving in Charlotte, according to Charlotte Reddit users

Complaints about driving in Charlotte, according to Charlotte Reddit users
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I’m not an active Reddit user. But I do scroll through the page occasionally, and I’ve noticed that more than anything else, Charlotte Reddit users are consistently complaining about the way Charlotteans drive. That’s not really a surprise though — we know that Charlotte drivers are bad.

Here are 20 of the biggest complaints about driving in Charlotte


Let’s try to keep Charlotte “polite”

  • If I make room to let you in or let you turn, you better acknowledge my kindness with a wave. Let’s make Charlotte nice folks… (zverkalt)
  • The courtesy wave is not optional (AlliFitz)
  • Charlotte, you really need to learn to drive on the interstate. PLEASE DO NOT HONK YOUR HORN AT ME IN STOP AND GO TRAFFIC!!! (TriforceRealm)
  • Please put your makeup on at home before you leave! Normally, this wouldn’t cross my mind, but I saw a woman applying foundation while driving at approximately 55 mph with a child in the backseat. (Charliemander)

The problems with bikers are…

  • Do bikers have to do their Tour-de-France practice exactly at evening rush-hour? And must it be done on single-lane, high-use streets, like Selwyn Ave?? (lemskroob)
  • Additionally, on streets that actually have bike lanes, is douche-level 9,000 to not use them and use the drive lane instead because you are trying to pass others in the bike lane because your lap time is going to qualify you for the Olympics or something. (lemskroob)


All that construction

  • Can we just get done with all the road construction that seems to be EVERYWHERE??? (yert1099)
  • The construction sucks and we all know it, so stop complaining! I’m sure most of us rather live than die trying to be at Chick-fil-A or Bojangles a few minutes earlier to make it to work on time. (TriforceRealm)
  • Getting in and out of PNC Music Pavilion- Parking, security, seating, it’s all a total mess. (baggachipz)


The speed limit actually applies to everyone

  • No matter how much you honk, flip me off, or crowd my bumper, I’m not going to try to get over the tracks for the light rail. I will wait until I’m sure I can clear them. Leave earlier next time. (themarmotreturns)
  • I’m so done with you people who think the speed limit does not apply to you. SLOW DOWN. If you’re running late, you should have left earlier to account for possible delays. Listen to traffic reports. Do not assume your trip is smooth sailing. (Charliemander)

My grandmother drives faster than you

  • Speed up to merge onto the interstate! At least once a week merging onto 485, I get trapped in a long row of cars slowly merging at 45 mph because our fearless leader won’t speed up to merge, creating a cluster of cars trying to switch lanes. (ok_heh)
  • Where yellow means ‘speed up’ and red means ‘three more cars’ (double_ewe)
  • When a solid red light starts flashing, it means to treat it like a STOP SIGN. So, check to make sure no one is still crossing AND THEN DRIVE FORWARD. Also, THERE IS ZERO NEED (most of the time) TO SLOW DOWN OVER THE RAIL ROAD TRACKS. (Kittycat-banana)

Trucks on highway

Are turn signals even a thing?

  • Apparently, cars in Charlotte did not come equipped with turn signals. SIGNAL A LANE CHANGE, OR YOUR INTENT TO TURN! (Charliemander)
  • Use your blinker, don’t be a stinker. (Indubitability)
  • Use your turn signal. Don’t be a dinghole (Uber_Nick)


Please, please, stay in your lane

  • A lane that is juuuuust wide enough for you to squeeze past me when I stop to let the car in front of me turn left IS STILL JUST ONE LANE. (notacute)
  • Double/Multi-turn lanes: Stay. In. Your. Own. Lane!!!!! (sandrakarr)

*Comments have been censored for profanity. Just keeping it classy, folks.

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