Being cool in Eastover

Being cool in Eastover
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This weekend, I stayed at my parents’ home in Eastover and realized something: Eastover is secretly cool.


I say “secretly” cause it’s not like, on the surface, cool. You won’t see groups of 20-year-olds stumbling to bars or walking around in crop tops (South End) or showing off their new bird tattoos and unsettling yoga poses (Plaza Midwood). In Eastover, you’re more likely to see cute families, successful 30-year-olds, and empty nesters who have relocated from the suburbs.

Basically, there is a whole lot of Vineyard Vines pants in various shades of pink.


Here is a picture of the entrance to a nice residential building in Eastover that looks like a castle. It’s beautiful and intimidating and makes me wonder why I’m not wearing something with pleats.


But don’t let the fancy feel scare you away. There are some awesome places in Eastover, which also happens to be an incredibly walkable neighborhood. So pre-game at home with a glass of red wine, and take a stroll through one of Charlotte’s secretly coolest neighborhoods.

RuRu’s Tacos and Tequila 


On Friday night, I walked to get dinner at RuRu’s Tacos and Tequila. As the name suggests, they have both tacos and tequila (and incredible queso – I recommend the Billy Ray Valentine queso).

It’s a little tucked away on Fenton Place, but it’s hopping on a Friday night. It’s not the least expensive Mexican food ever, but they have pretty good drink specials, including $5 mimosas on Sundays and half off bottles of wine on Wednesdays.

Laurel Market


If you go to Laurel Market on a Saturday evening, it might be completely empty. You’ll have plenty of space to leisurely look through their extensive wine selection and feel way cooler than if you bought another bottle of red blend from Harris Teeter (although, to be fair, even the Harris Teeter in Eastover is classy – with an upstairs bar area and wine tasting).

If you come to Laurel Market on a Sunday morning, it’s likely to be pretty busy with patrons buying large cups of coffee and breakfast sandwiches to-go. I got a breakfast sandwich with chorizo, egg, cheese and cilantro. It was awesome.


The Manor Theatre


They’re not showing Pitch Perfect 2, but if you want to feel classy, you should go see a film at the Manor Theatre.

I saw several of the Oscar nominated films here, because I wanted to be the type of person who says I watched several of the Oscar nominated films. Plus, they spell it “theatre” instead of theater, so you know it’s classy.


Located on Middleton Drive, Zio is casual, Italian and reasonably priced. (Plus, one time I had a super bad day that ended with me crying at this restaurant – don’t judge me, or else be cursed to cry at your next Italian casual dinner. No one gawked at me and the waiter brought more wine. Much appreciated.)

The baby arugula salad with beef spiedies is amazing. I didn’t know what speidies were until this salad, but I’m into them. Ditto for all of their pizza.

So there you have it. Grab a pair of salmon-colored pants and take a stroll through Eastover. You’re cooler than you think.

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