Is Charlotte cool enough for avocado toast?

Is Charlotte cool enough for avocado toast?
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Not Just Coffee opened yesterday in Packard Place. They serve avocado toast for $6.

I couldn’t help but ask myself, does avocado toast fit Charlotte about as well as this Scottish house fits Sharon Road?


I’m not very trendy, so walking into Not Just Coffee made me feel cool. Even though I was taking a video like a social media loser.

Congratulations on the opening @notjustcoffee. Starting off the day with Avocado Toast & Coffee. Delightful.

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Love the wood table. Love the “Stay Woke” neon sign. Love the minimalist vibe. Not Just Coffee is on par with Luna’s Living Kitchen for LA-level trendiness.


I ordered coffee.

The lady in glasses at the counter asked “Pour over or brewed?”

I was confused, so I said “Regular.”

She could tell I was a noob and she asked no additional coffee questions – but, then I brought out my trendy side and confidently said to her, “Oh, and can I also please have the avocado toast?” Boom.

I believe it was their first avocado toast order and I’m proud to be able to claim that I started the Summer of ’16 Charlotte Avocado Toast Craze.

How did it taste? Freaking delicious. Olive oil. Pepper. Sea salt.

Like an American, who still prefers a Bojangles’ BEC (that’s bacon egg and cheese for all of you vegan people) I dragged the toast through the olive oil and salt.


Don’t look now, but Charlotte is becoming cool.

Feel free to shrug off the Summer of ’16 Charlotte Avocado Toast Craze as a weird one-off. But, you shouldn’t.

Change doesn’t happen from an entrepreneurship committee at the Chamber. Change happens when residents create remarkable offerings and other residents buy those offerings. People are buying Not Just Coffee.


Charlotte is a damn good corporate town with incredibly intelligent people who are building some of the world’s most successful corporations – AND – Charlotte is a damn good place to be a creative.

Go buy the avocado toast at Not Just Coffee from James. Let’s make sure our creatives can make millions, not just our corporate community.


What do you think…

Is Charlotte cool enough for Avocado Toast?

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