Rico’s Acai has expanded to 7th Street Public Market

Rico’s Acai has expanded to 7th Street Public Market
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Rico’s Acai is one of my favorite food trucks and places Uptown for a filling, quick bite to eat. You may ask, how is a fruit bowl filling? Or, how is a fruit bowl worth $11? Well I don’t have an answer beyond: it just is. It’s a power fruit and you don’t feel guilty while eating it. It’s filling, satisfyingly delicious and packs a punch of energy. I don’t drink coffee so this is my boost.

I remember talking to creator/owner Matt Williams way back when he first started about his thoughts on the future and I wished him the best of luck. I hoped Charlotte would take to his concept and allow it to thrive.

Well, to my (and his I am sure) delight it has and Rico’s is a huge hit. I love walking, biking or driving by and seeing a line at his truck across the street from the Duke building.

Well success has to expand and now it has.

Rico’s has opened up a stand at 7th Street Market. Just when you thought the market couldn’t get more amazing it does.





The space is located in the front (or back, however you look at it) corner of the market by Bonzai Fusion. They will serve all the bowls you love from the original truck and I would think the extra space might give them an opportunity to experiment with new bowls.


The hours (listed below) coincide with the hours of the market. I couldn’t be more excited about this because I work on this side of town and going all the way down South Tryon was a pain. On top of that, I am a big fan and supporter of Rico’s and the market and bringing them both together is perfection.


Congrats to Matt and Co., and I can’t wait to get a bowl with my Not Just Coffee and a Cloud 9 cronut and if I have room I’ll scarf down a burger from Local Loaf, a pizza from Pure Pizza and if I am really hungry a crepe from Hazelnuts.

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