Here’s how to get in on Charlotte’s new monthly citywide hunt for free art

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Free Art Friday is a new movement to connect the community with local makers by way of a social scavenger hunt for works of art hidden around town.

Here’s how it works. Local artists create small samples of their work and then drop them in unique locations throughout the city on the first Friday of each month.

Clues about each drop are shared on social media with the hashtag #FAFCLT and the first lucky person to find each piece gets to keep it.

A #FAFCLT clue on Instagram

A #FAFCLT clue on Instagram

Inspired by the success of Free Art Friday in Atlanta, Michael Sullivan decided to replicate the movement here in Charlotte.

There are more than 52,000 #FAFATL tags on Instagram and Sullivan says anywhere from 10 to 30 artists hide their work around the city each month. He hopes to see the same momentum in Charlotte.

photo via Instagram

photo via Instagram

Sullivan got the ball rolling by making Queen Pitty magnets (modeled after his dog Bailey) and kicked off Charlotte’s first drop of free art on April 1.

photo via Instagram

photo via Instagram

He even made one for my dog Charlie that we dropped along the Rail Trail.

If you find it, post a photo on Instagram and tag #FAFCLT so we know it has a new home.

charlie loveluck

And a couple weeks ago I snagged my very own first #FAFCLT piece during the June drop.

It’s a tiny fruit tart from Pop Top Sweet Shop and I am completely obsessed with it. Granted, she literally dropped it on our doorstep so I kind of cheated but still… I win.

pop top sweet shop

Pop Top Sweet Shop makes tons of incredibly detailed miniature pies inside bottle caps.

As much as I know you want to, do not eat them.

photo via Instagram

photo via Instagram

Want to participate in Charlotte’s next Free Art Friday?

If you’re an artist, drop your work around town on July 1 and post clues online about where to find it using the hashtag #FAFCLT. For hunters, follow the #FAFCLT tag to see where the free art is hiding.

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