Craving multiple patios with this 75 degree weather? Top 5 places to patio hop around Charlotte

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What’s a patio hop?

It’s when you drink a cocktail at one patio, then walk to another patio to drink your second cocktail. Yes, this term is cheesy – I just made it up.

As patio hoppers say, the only think better than one great patio, is two great patios. Actually, I’ve never heard anybody say that.

Here are your top five patio hops in Charlotte.

#5 Village Tavern to Reid’s SouthPark

Neighborhood: SouthPark
Estimated Distance: 103 yards
Pro Tip: Reid’s has a massive wine and cheese selection.


reid's outside patio in southpark

#4 Thomas Street Tavern to Workman’s Friend

Neighborhood: Plaza Midwood
Estimated Distance: 117 yards
Pro Tip: Sneaky cool patios. Play ping pong at Thomas Street Tavern.



#3 Peculiar Rabbit to Whiskey Warehouse

Neighborhood: Plaza Midwood
Estimated Distance: 122 yards
Pro Tip: Outside of Uptown, these two rooftop bars offer the best views of our city.


#2 Bricktop’s to Toscana

Neighborhood: SouthPark
Estimated Distance: 29 yards
Pro Tip: Toscana will make you believe that you’re in Florence. Kind of.



#1 Summit Room to Kid Cashew

Neighborhood: Dilworth
Estimated Distance: 33 yards.
Pro Tip: Get the Goat’s Milk cocktail from Kid Cashew.



Bonus: Rooftop Triple Hop

Neighborhood: Uptown
Distance: .7 miles
Pro Tip: The line can get long at Merchant & Trade, start there (opens at 4:30 p.m.)


Merchant & Trade in Uptown

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