You’re going to want to check out the Lowe’s campus – 15 photos

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What do you think of when you imagine a Lowe’s corporate office? A log cabin? A breezy warehouse with a questionable amount of paint samples lying around? Or maybe just a plain, boring office building? Let’s take a tour of their super legit Mooresville campus. It’s going to blow away any log cabin/warehouse/cubicle expectations you may have.

Touring the outside:

Prepare to be amazed by the utopia that is the Lowe’s campus.

Lowe's Outside

Lowe's exterior

Lowe's Outside

Lowe's Outside

Lowe's Outside

Lowe's Outside

This is the on-campus Zen Garden.

Lowe's Outside

Lowe's bamboo

So now that I’ve officially blown your mind, let’s see the inside:

Lowe's inside

Lowe's home

This is the “Living Room” (below). When you turn around there’s a common area with a ton of tables and on-campus restaurants. People eat lunch, take breaks, and plan coffee meetings in this area. We couldn’t show a photo with that many employees in it but trust me – it was buzzing in there.

And speaking of food, check out their frequent pop-up farmers market stand:

Lowe's farmers market

Lowe's Inside

This huge spiral staircase was by far my favorite spot. There are work tables where I’m standing so you can appreciate the architecture to help your creative juices flow.

Lobby areas have themes…

Lowe's birdhouses

Lowe's swings

Because what good campus is complete without bird houses and swings?

Want to see more? Learn about the company culture at Lowe’s here.

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