Red Ventures’ CEO is investing $5 million in a nonprofit for underemployed young people

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A nonprofit called Road2Hire launched today to help underemployed young adults with job training and placement.

Everyone who comes through the program will get training in interpersonal, life-management and workforce preparation skills.

There are also two specific schools in the program. One trains high school graduates for sales and customer service positions. The other is tech training that helps with web design and web development careers. Yes, these are both skill sets that Red Ventures needs.

After completing the several months long program, they’ll get job placement assistance.

Applications are open now and close June 20 for the first class. Classes will begin in mid-summer. Applicants should be from the Charlotte area and ready to spend 30-40 hours per week training in Fort Mill.

This is part of the Charlotte’s efforts on economic mobility.

It’s a community-wide focus after a Harvard study showed Charlotte at the bottom of 50 cities on the ability for people born in poverty to move up the economic ladder.

Road2Hire also cites statistics saying that one-third of high school graduates are unemployed or underemployed.

Red Ventures CEO Ric Elias is putting $5 million of his own money into it.

That’s serious cash.


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