How I Work: Callie Dobbins, facility executive of Levine Children’s Hospital

How I Work: Callie Dobbins, facility executive of Levine Children’s Hospital
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As Facility Executive, Callie Dobbins works alongside physicians and other clinicians to ensure that Levine Children’s Hospital is providing world-class pediatric healthcare. She’s always working to find ways to continuously improve the hospital and patient experience. So on a day to day basis, how does this young executive work?

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Office location

Levine Children’s Hospital


Job title

Facility Executive of Levine Children’s Hospital


Most of the time 30-45 mins by car. In the mornings, I try to just enjoy the quite time and listen to music but in the evenings, I am almost always on calls about work.

Phone type

iPhone 6



HP (laptop and desktop)

Gadgets you can’t live without

My phone and ipad

Do you listen to music while you work?

I have found that music is a must when I am pressed to get work accomplished. Currently, I am a big fan of Pandora. I’ve learned that classical music really helps me work… which is ironic as that is not typically my music genre of choice.

What software are you a power user of?

Hmm… power user implies that I am an expert which I am not really in anything but I use Excel and Outlook nonstop.

What’s your favorite spot for a business lunch? Your order?

When you work and run a hospital, lunch is often not much more than eating at your desk or in the hospital cafeteria. Hospitals never stop or slow down. But on the rare times I get out for lunch, I enjoy walking to 131 Main and getting their Main salad with chicken. [Editor’s note: We’re bummed that 131 Main in that location is no more – we suggest subbing in a giant salad from Bad Daddy’s.]

Social media habits

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

To-do list manager

I LOVE a to-do list, and the accomplishment of marking things off. Although I have tried multiple online tools, none are as useful for me than the good ole’ pen and paper.

What everyday thing are you really good at?

Juggling…I try hard to balance my life as a mom, wife and leader. Some weeks are better than others, but you do have to be creative and work on your juggling skills.

What’s your one favorite thing about your job?

I am incredibly passionate about improving the health of the children in our community. My passion stems from being a neonatal nurse (taking care of premature and critically ill newborns), and a mom. Running Levine Children’s Hospital is an incredible blessing and big responsibility. I also work with an incredible group of physicians and leaders. Knowing that our team has the opportunity to make decisions to help improve thousands of children’s lives when they are in our care is amazing!


Best time-saving shortcut

Waze! It has saved me so often on my commute!

Sleep routine

Well… this is something that I need to be a bit better at. I typically do not get in bed before 10:30 or 11 p.m. and most days am up by 5:30 a.m.

Where do you go around Charlotte to get away from the office?

Being outside. Currently I love spending our evenings and weekends on little league fields cheering for my two children, Jackson and Ella Grace!

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

A protein shake

If you weren’t doing your current job, what would you be doing?

Not completely sure — either stay home with my children or own a clothing boutique.

Best job advice you’ve received

Never lose sight of who you are… there is only one you! Be truthful, be gentle, and be fearless.


Last movie you watched (grade it on a A-F scale)

The Intern (A)

What’s one thing people don’t know about Charlotte that they should?

What is there not to love about Charlotte?? Though probably known, I love how Charlotte has proven to be the right balance between being a big city while working to maintain a small town, welcoming feel.

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