Agenda for Wednesday May 27: Wineries to Sporting News

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Hello Wednesday.

I hate cooking, but I love the idea of hanging out with chefs at a test kitchen. So, I’m jealous of Katie’s meeting with Jamie Barnes and Gregory Williams (Johnson & Wales grads) at The City Kitch. These guys are launching a french fry food truck in July named WhatTheFriesCLT. I respect their passionate belief in thick, hand-cut fries that can stand up to loads of heavy toppings. Katie ate fries and tater tots yesterday afternoon as I snapped photos of an unfinished office space. View 15 photos from her fry tasting, including WhatTheFriesCLT’s banana ketchup – full story. Anyways


Today’s Weather: 82. Mostly sunny, 40% chance of rain.
Today’s Stat: $150. Ticket price of Relish Carolina’s North State BBQ dinner experience.
Today’s Job: City Manager, Google Fiber. Apply.
Today’s Charlotteans: Akshra Paimagam (12), Kayleigh Guffey (13) and Rexen Venevongsoth (12), for being part of the 285 spellers at national Scripps Spelling Bee (starts today).


Sporting News is hiring an army of 80+ part-time sports data editors in Charlotte
I bet you didn’t even realize this media company was located just outside of Uptown. I chilled with their Editorial Director John Turner and got the inside scoop on their plans for global sports domination. View 18 photos and learn why they’re paying people $10.70 an hour to watch sports with computers.

Napa Valley in our back yard. Wineries within an hour of Uptown.
Childress Vineyards, Treehouse Vineyards, Rocky River Vineyards and Davasté Vineyards. Dana breaks down distance, tastings, food selection, wine slushy availability, featured events and random highlights.

Put the Garden District on your radar: First Ward Park will redefine Uptown
4 acre park (Romare Bearden is 5 for comparison sake) is coming next to that UNC Center City building with the weird architecture that looks like an architect tried too hard. Sure parks are nice for dogs and frisbee stuff, but because they take land off the market, development pops around them. Smart.

City Smart: Eastland Mall plans to women-owned businesses on the rise
Amy and Elizabeth give us the fast scoop on city news. Chief Monroe retires. CMS will begin offering Cambridge International at six schools this fall (elementary-high). NC ranks third among US States in the growth of women-owned businesses.

Ballantyne Village is making a comeback
B-town is bumping yo! Gi breaks down the Village on everything from architecture by aiDesign Group to 5 new/coming soon tenants (Tinder Box, Nouveaux, Village Market, BlackFinn Ameripub and Gusto Pasta). I honestly love this spot.

The story behind Torrie Savage’s tattoos
She has a thing for roses. Beautiful, quick background.

CLT Playlist: Live music pick for May 27 – 31
Danny’s weekly picks are both Thursday night, which is fairly dumb, but I like it. TAUK and Jonathan Scales Fourchestra at Chop Shop at 9pm ($12). People’s Blues of Richmond and BYOG at the Visulite at 8:30pm ($10). View all 28 live shows this week.


City Council is stressed and freaking out on how to meet our city’s budget gap of $22 million. CBJ reports on the latest drama including debate on trash taxes, streetcar and arguments with the state. Final vote to be held in about 10 days.

Now Open: Gumbo brings “celebrated goods” to Plaza Midwood. This shop features an array of snack food (mostly vegan), clothing, jewelry, yoga accessories and other items categorized as “celebrated goods.” Agenda Briefing.

MarketWatch ranked Charlotte 20 out of 100 in their list of business friendly cities. Dallas came in #1 and strip-mall-loving Raleigh came in #6 (those punks).

Have a wild Wednesday and be thankful for the wild life that you see in your yard, Jim is.

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