This is what the private student housing building boom looks like in University City

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When I was in college, I could not wait to move off campus. On campus life was great, but it had served its purpose. I had successfully learned how to live away from my parents, with little rules and a dorm full of women from various backgrounds. Moving off campus was like taking my independence to the next level.

So, when my three friends and I went to visit a house built for student living, which was extremely close to campus, we signed our leases that day. It was our first space. We didn’t shop around. We saw it. We liked it. After moving in, we had conflicts with our landlord and realized we made a mistake. Needless to say, we didn’t do our homework. We didn’t search around for the right place that fit all of our needs. 

As UNC Charlotte has grown, so have the options for private student-focused apartments right around campus. Here are nine off-campus student housing options in the University area — many of which have been built in the last few years — and what they claim makes them unique.

(1) University Walk

While there are other complexes that aren’t far from campus, University Wallk prides itself on being walking distance to UNC Charlotte. This means no parking passes for their residents. Oh, and they are also really proud of their beach sand volleyball court.


Photo via Facebook


Photo via Facebook

(2) Flats at Campus Pointe

They have a pool and on-site gym like many of their competitors, but what do they tout as unique? They have a 24-hour yoga studio. Nama-Slay!


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(3) University Village

Most of these complexes offer separate leases for each individual in the apartment. Most of them are all inclusive. That means rent, electricity, internet and water all in one package. What they don’t tell you is that there is typically a cap on electricity. If your roommates go over that cap, you’re paying an overage at the end of the month. However, University Village doesn’t think that’s fair. What makes them unique? They don’t charge any electricity or utility overages; regardless of how much you use. Yay! Extra money for ramen.


(4) 901 Place

It’s simple. They say they are the lowest in town. When I called them, they had an all-inclusive furnished or unfurnished lease for $399 per month, and they are waiving administrative fees for the application.


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(5) Arcadia

College is supposed to be fun, right? The folks at Arcadia believe so. They host events for their residents every single month. For example, they have movies under the stars and volleyball tournaments.



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(6) Millennium One

While some of the student apartments look like they were built when the class of 1900 graduated, others are more modern and up to date. Millennium One is so fresh and so clean, since they are only two years old. They are a gated community that requires and visitors to be buzzed in.


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(7) 49 North

Many of the off-campus student housing options are apartments. 49 North adds something a little different because they are townhomes. As if that weren’t cool enough, there is an option to have a room on your own floor. It will cost you $5 more in rent each month, but you will get a bigger bedroom and you’ll have the entire floor to yourself. Major.


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(8) Circle

For all of the college students sleeping on twin beds, we feel your pain. Circle might be the only complex that has stepped up the game and decided to offer queen beds.



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(9) Aspen

Aside from having a really cool looking campus, Aspen is proud of the huge, grassy areas in between their buildings that make their complex pet friendly. If you and Fido want to live here, you’re going to have to get on the waitlist. They are already full for the fall.



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