Napa Valley in our back yard. Wineries within an hour of Uptown.

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I think every woman has a fantasy where they’re strolling through a romantic vineyard wearing a flowing sundress, floppy hat and glamorous sunglasses. Wait, that’s just me?

You don’t have to travel to Napa to make my fantasy your reality; although, you will have to enjoy a leisurely drive away from Uptown. This summer, escape the city for an afternoon and explore the newish tradition of North Carolina wine (hint: it features a lot of Muscadine grapes) at these area vineyards. Cheers!

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Childress Vineyards

#nowords #nofilter

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Distance from Uptown: One hour (worth it)

Tastings: $12 gets you eight wines of the sweeter, off-dry variety and $15 will get you eight dry and full-bodied wines.

Food: The winery features a bistro, so no outside food is allowed (hours are Mon-Sun, 11am-3pm). While I’m sure the menu is great, why would you miss the chance to grab some BBQ while in Lexington?

Wine slushy: Yes.

Featured event: In July, Childress is hosting a movie night in the vineyard. Stars, wine and a TBD movie? Yes, please. Check out there events calendar here:

Highlight: Ask to try your favorite red in a chocolate shot glass. You can thank me later.

Chocolate wine shots – yes, these exist. A photo posted by @deboone on

Treehouse Vineyards

Saturday wine time with @eacribb 👯🍷☀️

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Distance from Uptown: 45 minutes

Tastings: $6 gets you eight wines. They also have a Groupon running for two tastings and a bottle of wine for $18 – now that’s a deal.

Food: While Treehouse doesn’t have a restaurant, they do offer a selection of cheese to accompany your wine. For budget hounds, you can also pack a picnic.

Wine slushy: Yes.

Events: All of their events are listed here:

Highlight: Just as the name implies, Treehouse Vineyards has three treehouses available as vacation rentals. The list is already a year out, so book early!

Rocky River Vineyards

All wineries should come with wine slushies 🍷 #willingwino A photo posted by @deboone on

Distance from Uptown: 30 minutes

Tastings: $8 gets you eight wines. The other vineyards on this list include a complimentary glass with your tasting, but you’ll have to pay $2 for your glass at Rocky River.

Food: Rocky River doesn’t have a restaurant, but they do have lots of places perfect for a picnic you packed yourself.

Wine slushy: Yes.

Featured event: Channel your inner Lucy and attend the Rocky River grape stomp. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until their Fall Festival.  Their events calendar can be found here:

Highlight: The grounds are lovely and remote. Their winemaking barn is particularly picturesque.

Can I just set my laptop up on this barrel and work from here? Kthanks.

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Davasté Vineyards

Daveste vines early June

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Distance from Uptown: 40 minutes

Tastings: $7 for six wines.

Food: Davasté doesn’t have a restaurant. Feel free to pack a picnic!

Wine slushy: No 🙁

Featured event: I’m no yogi, but a yoga class in the vineyard sounds pretty darn zen.

Highlight: This winery features an art gallery for the culturally inclined and a beautiful waterfall/stream for the Instagram generation.

Disclosure: These wineries were listed in the very scientific and biased order of which ones I like best. Don’t worry, you can totally trust me; I have an amateur wine blog.

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