What it’s like getting pierced at SADU Body Modifications

What it’s like getting pierced at SADU Body Modifications
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I did something this past weekend that I haven’t done since I was 13. No, I didn’t play spin the bottle and kiss the star of the middle school cross country team. 

I did something way cooler. I got my ears pierced. 

I’ve always thought that ear holes were forever. But apparently if you stop wearing earrings for eight years your holes will close up and you’ll have to awkwardly explain this to your friend who gives you cute studs for your birthday. But, last weekend, I decided to do something about my earring-less life. I was going to get my ear holes back. 

Mary Gross

While looking at places to get pierced, I briefly considered Claire’s Accessories in the mall. I changed my mind when I saw that one of their earring options was “Minion” themed. I didn’t want a yellow peanut with a face in my ears so I did more research. And good thing I did because I found a premier piercing studio right down the street from me: SADU Body Modifications.

inside Sadu body modifications

SADU has been piercing navels, noses and nipples in Plaza Midwood since 1999. They are Charlotte’s oldest piercing establishment and the city’s only business that does piercing exclusively.  


I found out from SADU’s Yelp reviews that there can be a bit of a wait on weekends. So I woke up super early on Sunday (11 a.m.) and was the first person in the door when they opened. (Their hours say they open at 1 p.m. but I’m a sleuth and found out they actually open at noon.) 

SADU ear holes

When I walked in, I was greeted by three very hip looking staffers and loud Dubstep-ish music. I explained my ear-hole woes to my piercer, Dianna, and she told me that I wasn’t alone; this happens to people all the time. She led me over to their jewelry counter where I could pick my non-Minion themed earrings. Since I’ve had problems in the past, she suggested that I go with the NeoMetal titanium earrings. 

NeoMetal earrings

I should mention that SADU’s earrings and piercing services don’t come cheap. The earrings were $36 each and the two piercings were $25 total. But, trust me, you’re much better off paying a little more for a quality earring and a professional piercer. 

H2Ocean ear hole cleaning spray

I also bought SADU’s suggested cleaning spray, H2Ocean. I don’t love being sold add-ons (especially when I’m dropping $100 on holes in my ears) but SADU doesn’t recommend using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning. I learned that it dries out your piercings and makes them heal slower. Since I had no idea what else I would use, I broke down and bought their $11 cleaner. 

inside sadu ear piercing

Once the earrings I chose were sanitized, Dianna brought be back into the piercing room.

Mary getting ears pierced

This is where I started to get a littler nervous. I was thirteen when I got pierced the first time, have my earlobe nerves matured since then? Was I going to scream, run out and sing a sad song by a baby pool like Sandra Dee in “Grease?”

ear piercing

Dianna drew dots on my ears, sanitized my skin and wasted no time grabbing the needles. (Apparently lobes are nothing; Dianna says that cartilage is usually the most painful piercing spot.) She had me take a deep breath and she did her needle magic while I exhaled. Did it hurt? Yes. It sure did. But it wasn’t unmanageable and I certainly didn’t run away and sing into a baby pool. 

SADU unicorn pamphlet

Before I left, Dianna went over my care instructions and gave me a pamphlet with a unicorn on it. The whole process only took about ten minutes, which is pretty impressive considering they are putting holes in your body. 


Now the hard work begins: For the next six to eight weeks I have to keep the same earrings in my ear holes. But, if I succeed, I will once again be as cool as my thirteen-year-old self.

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