Here’s how you can help solve Charlotte’s waste problem in 4 hours this Saturday

Here’s how you can help solve Charlotte’s waste problem in 4 hours this Saturday
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Forget everything you know about traditional routes to create change. This Saturday, Goodie Ideation is rallying locals to solve our local waste and recycling issues by turning average, ordinary community members into designers of human engineering, critical thinkers, and ultimately home-town heroes.

Goodie Nation is a team of expert facilitators that built their following in a series of ideation sessions and hackathons, cultivating communities in Atlanta and Miami for an all-hands-on-deck approach to solving for problems in underserved communities. Now it’s Charlotte’s turn.

More than 100 ideas will be generated during the session and further consolidated into 10 practical roadmaps to move forward.


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I chatted with Joey Womack, founder of Goodie Nation which runs ideation and hackathon sessions in partnership with local city governments about what to expect in Saturday’s workshop.

Q: Why bring an ideation session to Charlotte and why is it important for the larger community?

Joey: The city and several people leading social impact initiatives in Charlotte reached out to us about bringing a solution to the city that would better engage community members that don’t often get a voice at the table at typical community-based workshops. Many of these people are severely affected by the environmental health effects of waste and dismal recycling rates.

We’re solving problems for communities without a voice by inviting them to lead with their input and their insights from their communities.

Q: Walk me through how the session will be run and what to expect. 

Joey: It’s going to be a high energy environment from the start. The entire four-hour event is completely culturally relevant. We’ve got food and beverages (no beer, folks) and we’ve got DJ Skillz spinning throughout the day.

There’s going to be lots of interaction throughout the seven-part curriculum we’ll be introducing on the ideation process. Folks will be able to engage in group activities and work on teams to identify root causes of environmental health issues in some of Charlotte’s lower income communities. Then, they’ll create possible solutions for reducing waste and health issues in identified communities.

Q: What are the outcomes of the ideation?

Joey: People will learn new problem-solving tools for their communities and walk away with in-depth knowledge on how waste affects outcomes in underserved communities.

Additional info on how to get involved: 

Tickets: Free
Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Location: Solid Waste Services Building, 1105 Otts Street

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